All new features in RBI Baseball 21

Want to know what’s new in RBI Baseball 21?

Now that we know that the RBI Baseball franchise will be returning for another run, it’s time to look at what new features are expected to be in this year’s title. For years, RBI Baseball has been an alternate option for Xbox and Nintendo console owners who don’t have access to MLB The Show, a Sony-exclusive. But, the franchise has been limited for quite some time, thanks to arcade-like gameplay.

So what will the folks at MLB Games bring for players this go-around? Let’s take a look at some of the new features being advertised for RBI Baseball 21.

The new features coming to RBI Baseball 21

MLB Games has touted numerous additions to this year’s title, ones that have been called “some of the most in-demand features to make this the most authentic pick-up-and-play experience yet” by the publisher. These features include the following:

  • Play-by-Play commentary – RBI Baseball 21 will include play-by-play calls for the first time.
  • Progressive time-of-day graphics – MLB Games has stated that this feature, which should alter the natural lighting on the field as the day progresses, will be in RBI Baseball 21.
  • Create-a-Player mode – Players will reportedly have a slew of customization options available.
  • Addition of Statcast data – Statcast, which tracks MLB advanced analytics, such as pitch spin rates and exit velocities, data will be in RBI Baseball 21.
  • Increased customization options – MLB Games has stated that options ranging from batting controls to new camera angles will be available.

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These are the features that we know as of now. As we get closer to March, we will update this guide to reflect any new announcements from the RBI Baseball developers.