What is the release date of RBI Baseball 21?

Are you wondering when you can hit the field?

On January 21, Major League Baseball and its video game developer arm MLB Games confirmed that RBI Baseball 21 will return for another year. The franchise has a new cover athlete in White Sox infielder Tim Anderson and some new features, so you might be wondering when the title will go live in 2021. Let’s go over what we know about the release date so far.

In the release announcement, Major League Baseball stated that RBI Baseball 21 will launch in March of 2021. No specific date was mentioned, but it is very possible that the title will go live sometime in the middle of the month. Retailers Target and GameStop, as well as Steam, all have March 16 listed as the release date for RBI Baseball 21. This would be right on par with when RBI Baseball 20 launched, as that title went live on March 17, 2020.

As of this writing, we still do not know whether MLB The Show 21 will be released for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox family of consoles. If MLB The Show does not come to any of those platforms in 2021, though, at least baseball fans who own an Xbox or Nintendo console will most likely have the chance to buy the alternative game right in the midst of Spring Training.