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All new playable characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Shez isn't the only new playable character around.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a spin-off title of the main Fire Emblem series, focusing on the characters and settings established in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Almost every playable character in Three Houses returns to Three Hopes, including all the students from the three main houses, the Knights of Seiros, the Faculty for Garreg Mach Monastery, and the DLC characters. However, Three Hopes stars a completely new character known as Shez, and they’re not the only new faces making their way to the game.

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New playable characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

All the new playable characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes are pre-existing characters that either already appeared in Three Houses or were at least mentioned. New playable characters like Monica and Rodrigue had major appearances in Three Houses but weren’t playable. Meanwhile, Holst is referenced constantly in Three Houses but never makes any official appearance. By our estimates, there are nine new characters in Three Hopes that weren’t playable in the original Three Houses game. We will update you as we discover more.

The new characters are listed below:

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Shez is the new player Avatar for the game. Players can decide if they want to play as a male or female version of Shez. Shez is a mercenary who has a rivalry with Byleth, and is connected to the mysterious Arval, and has the powers to transform.


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Monica is a red-headed Black Eagle student from Garreg Mach Monastery. In her last year at the academy, she was kidnapped by the mysterious those who slither in the dark. In the original Three Houses timeline, she is slain by the group, and Kronya disguises herself as her. In Three Hopes, she is saved in time and joins Edelgard’s crusade.


Rodrigue is a lord from the Kingdom of Faerghus and is the father of Felix. He plays a supporting yet crucial role in the Fire Emblem: Three Houses, joining Dimitri’s quest to save his kingdom.


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Holst is the older brother of Hilda from the Golden Deers. He is the only new playable character that never actually appeared in Three Houses but is mentioned constantly by characters like Hilda and Balthus. He is often described as very strong and protective of his little sister.


Jeralt is Byleth’s father and leader of the Jeralt’s Mercenaries. He plays a crucial role in the first half of Three Houses but meets the same fate in all routes. He is stabbed in the back by Kronya and passes away in Byleth’s arms. In Three Hopes, he is now a new playable character.


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Gatekeeper is a fan-favorite NPC from Three Houses. His model is the generic soldier unit and is nothing special, but fans latched onto him because of his upbeat personality and endearing voice delivery. He received the most votes in Fire Emblem Heroes’s 2021 Choose Your Legends poll, solidifying him as a true fan favorite. He is a secret playable character in Three Hopes.


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Rhea is the archbishop of the Church of Seiros and a major character from Three Houses. In truth, she is actually Seiros herself and founded the church centuries ago after defeating the liberator Nemesis. She is the daughter of Sothis and can transform into a dragon. She is an available playable character in the New Game+ for Three Hopes.


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The progenitor god of the Church of Seiros, Sothis has long been dead, with her bones becoming the Sword of the Creator. Byleth has visions of her and constantly talks to her in their head. She is an available playable character in the New Game+ for Three Hopes.


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A mysterious being that is connected to Shez the same way Sothis is to Byleth. Not much is known about him other than he likes condensed Shez for their lack of intelligence. He is an available playable character in the New Game+ for Three Hopes.

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