All new small monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Do not underestimate their small size.

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Monsters that are small in size might not seem as tempting to capture in Monster Hunter Rise but are an excellent source for yielding raw materials required for crafting new weapons and armor. If you strive to reach the new Master rank introduced in Sunbreak DLC, it’s best to have the weapons and armor upgraded to the max. Thankfully, the Sunbreak expansion has also added more small monsters to the game, and we’ve listed them all below.

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Every small monster in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Every small monster, its location, and potential drops are mentioned in the table below:

Small MonsterMaterials dropped with drop rateMonster Location
BoggiBoggi Thickhide (52%), Boggi Shard (33%), Crushing Fang (15%)Citadel
CeanataurCeanataur Shell (48%), Tough Claw (32%), Carapaceon Brains (20%)Flooded Forest
GowngoatGowngoat Thickfur (42%), Large Herbivore Bone (28%), Gowngoat Fleeceball (20%), Raw Meat (10%)Citadel
HermitaurTiny Hermitaur Shell (49%), Tough Claw (27%), Carapaceon Brains (20%)Jungle
HornetaurHornetaur Cortex (40%), Hornetaur Razorwing (32%), Monster Essence (18%), Hornetaur Head (10%)Jungle
PyrantulaPyrantula Maroon Thread (52%), Monster Essence (31%), Tough Claw (17%)Lava Caverns
VelocipreyVelociprey Shard (48%), Velociprey Thickhide (32%), Tough Claw (20%)Jungle
VespoidVespoid Cortex (43%), Vespoid Razorwing (32%), Monster Essence (25%)Jungle

As mentioned, materials dropped from small monsters are required to upgrade weapons and armor, which will ultimately help you unlock master rank. However, unlocking the rank requires more than just good weaponry. You must finish a task involving speaking with Rondine, Minato, Fiorayne, and Galleus, then taking down the formidable Daimyo Hermitaur monster.

There are tons of other things to find and uncover in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This includes things like finding Fire Dragon Hardclaw or going off and fighting the Scorned Magnamalo.