All objectives in Raid on Imagawa in Samurai Warriors 5

Complete every objective in this battle.


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Every battle in Samurai Warriors 5’s Musou Mode has a set of objectives. Some of these are primary and must be finished to complete the mission, while others are optional. This guide covers every objective in Raid on Imagawa, so you know which one you’re missing when you only get four out of five.

All objectives in Raid on Imagawa

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • The Battle Begins: Defeat the enemy troops
  • Heihachirō’s Brave Fight: Defeat Tadakatsu Honda
  • Imagawa Reinforcements: Defeat Montonobu Okabe and Yasuyoshi Asahina
  • The Ninja and the Noblewoman: Defeat Sena and Hanzō Hattori to prevent Noboyuki Oda and Katsuie Shibata from being taken out
  • Mikawa Wavers: Defat Hirotada Matsudaira and Masanari Naitō

All of these objectives are straightforward. It’s just their location that isn’t. If you want to complete all five objectives for this mission, you’ll need to backtrack and cover each area of the map twice. This is something you’ll have to get used to in Samurai Warriors 5. The objectives will pop up on-screen when you come across the enemies you need to defeat. Look for large red dots on your minimap to identify where the objectives might be. You’re always looking for the named enemies to kill.

If you’ve covered the map twice and still can’t find an objective, you may need to head to the end of the mission. The final boss is Ieyasu Tokugawa, so if he’s the only enemy you have left to fight, you’re right at the end of the mission and should have completed all previous objectives.