All of the Stadium customization features in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Make the dream stadium for your club.

All of the Stadium customization features in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Image via EA

The twenty-eighth installment of EA’s long-running FIFA franchise, FIFA 21, embraces a number of significant changes. Apart from an improved career mode and refined gameplay, the franchise also introduces new Stadium customization features in the latest iteration. Here are all the stadium customization features in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.


This is the latest addition to FIFA Ultimate Team, and you get to choose between three different options.

  • FUT Stadium – You start off your Ultimate Team with the FUT Stadium, which is “an ultra-modern starting point for your team.” You can choose your own anthem, seat colors, and even the celebration of the audience.
  • FUT Challengers Stadium – The FUT Challengers expansion adds new Tifos and also allows players to showcase Pitch trophies to improve the aesthetics of their home ground.
  • FUT Champions Stadium – When you have completed a number of objectives, you will finally get access to the FUT Champion Stadium, which is the best among the lot. This will be the default stadium for FUT Champions matches. It also gives you full control over customizing the stadium the way you want.

Match Day

  • Badge – The badge of your club which will be shown during matches, on the menu screen, and on the scoreboard.
  • Ball – The Ball which will be used in the match.
  • Home Kit – Your home kit.
  • Away Kit – Your away kit.
  • Player Celebration – The celebration that will be used by players. Do keep in mind that this will be only applicable to players who don’t have a celebration set.
  • Goal Song – The song that will be played when a goal is scored by you on your home ground.
  • Club Nickname – The nickname of your club.


  • Stadium Theme – This will define the overall theme of the stadium.
  • Crowd Chants – The chants made by the crowd when the game is going on.
  • Club Anthem – The anthem the crowd will sing before the game starts.
  • Tifo – The various Tifo that will be displayed in the stadium.
    • Home End TIFO
    • Main Stand Lower TIFO
    • Background TIFO 
    • Away End TIFO
    • Main Stand Center TIFO
    • Animated TIFO
    • Main Stand Right TIFO
    • Main Stand Left TIFO
    • Broadcast Stand TIFO


The sidelines of the stadium are reserved for your trophies, which you can show off to your opponents. There are multiple locations to place trophies and you can choose what to place in each of them.

  • Main Stand Right Trophy
  • Home End Left Trophy
  • Main Stand Left Trophy
  • Main Stand Center R Trophy
  • Home End Right Trophy
  • Main Stand Center L Trophy
  • Away End Left Trophy
  • Away End Right Trophy


Last but not the least, the Structure defines the overall look and feel of the stadium. You get a plethora of options to choose from to design your ultimate stadium.

  • Stadium Paint Colour – This defines the overall paint color of your stadium which includes the stairs and the stands.
  • Seat Colour – The color of the seats.
  • Goal Pyrotechnics – The visual effects and celebrations behind the goal post.
  • Stadium – Here you can choose between the previously mentioned stadiums.
  • Goal Colours – This defines the color of your goal nets.
  • Pitch Patterns
  • Pitch Line Colours