All Operators with claymores in Rainbow Six Siege

Blow them sky high.

Image via Ubisoft

Every Operator in Rainbow Six Siege has pros and cons in each match you play. Sometimes you’ll need to rely on their gadgets, while others require a specific loadout. This guide covers which Operators have claymores in the game, so you know which one to use when your only option is to set a trap for your enemy.

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All Attackers with claymores

Screenshot by DoubleXP

This list contains every Operator on the Attacker team that has claymores as an option in their loadout. Pick any of them if you need to quickly use an Attacker that can place claymores for a challenge, or just because you want to use a tactic that requires them.

  • Thatcher
  • Ash
  • Twitch
  • IQ
  • Blackbeard
  • Capitao
  • JAckal
  • Zofia
  • Lion
  • Maverick
  • Kali
  • Ace
  • Zero
  • Flores
  • Osa
  • Sens

Can Defenders use claymores?

Image via Ubisoft

Claymores are restricted to the Attacking team in Rainbow Six Siege. This is because they’re a way for the Attackers to fight back against Defenders that roam around the map instead of hunkering down. While mines like this would make more sense in the hands of Defenders, they manage to balance the capabilities of each team nicely, providing the Defenders use their gadgets.

How to equip claymores

There are two ways to equip claymores. The first is to go through every Operator in the list above in the Operator menu and ensure that the claymore is equipped. We recommend this because it means you can quickly pick them between rounds and know that the claymore is already equipped. The second way to equip claymores is to do it as you pick an Attacker between rounds by changing their equipment. You don’t get much time to do this though, so it’s easier to ensure that every Operator that can use a claymore already has it equipped.