All ornament DIY projects and how to get them in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Time to decorate all season.

For those who want to celebrate the holiday season with a decorated tree full of ornaments, Animal Crossing: New Horizons lets you create a variety of projects using these ornaments so you can place these projects all over your island. These decorations only appear from December 15 to January 6, so ensure you acquire all of the projects and materials to make them before time runs out. You can always adjust your Nintendo Switch’s internal clock to return to these dates to grab more.

How to get ornaments

The ornaments will appear on pine trees that you have on your island. Isabelle will have gone around your estate, placing ornaments on these specific tree types, and all you have to do is approach the trees to shake them off. They’ll fall on the ground, and you can add them to your inventory.

How to get ornament DIY projects

You can get the ornament DIY projects by popping the gift balloons you see floating across the sky. These balloons that are dropping these ornaments only appear from December 15 to January 6, much like the ornaments themselves that you gather up to use for the projects.

All ornament DIY projects

These are all of the ornament DIY projects you can make, and the resources you need to craft them.

  • Big festive tree: 6 red ornaments, 6 blue ornaments, 4 gold ornaments, 5 wood, and 5 clay
  • Festive candle: 5 red ornaments, 5 weeds
  • Festive top set: 2 gold ornaments, 1 hardwood
  • Festive tree: 3 red ornaments, 3 blue ornaments, 2 gold ornaments, and 5 wood
  • Festive wall: 5 red ornaments, 5 blue ornaments, 5 gold ornaments, and 5 clay
  • Illuminated present: 3 red ornaments, 4 gold ornaments, and 3 iron nuggets
  • Illuminated reindeer: 6 gold ornaments and 5 iron nuggets
  • Illuminated snow: 9 blue ornaments and 3 iron nuggets
  • Illuminated tree: 8 red ornaments, 8 blue ornaments, 6 gold ornaments, and 6 iron nuggets
  • Ornament mobile: 1 red ornament, 1 blue ornament, 1 gold ornament, and 4 branches
  • Ornament wreath: 6 blue ornaments and 2 gold ornaments
  • Tabletop festive tree: 5 gold ornaments, 3 branches, and 2 clay