All passive abilities in Overwatch 2

You don’t even need to try with these.

Overwatch 2

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s characters are all different, coming from various parts of the world with unique backgrounds. Gameplay-wise, each hero utilizes their kit of abilities to make your character choice very important. While active abilities are always the main thing you think of, the hidden ones underneath are equally vital. Here are all of the passive abilities in Overwatch 2.

Class passive abilities

  • DPS – swapping will let you keep up to 30% of your Ultimate charge instead of going to zero (Previously all Damage characters got an increase in their movement speed, but this was removed).
  • Support – all Support characters have passive healing when they don’t take damage for a little bit.
  • Tank – all Tank characters do not get knocked back as much as others. They also generate less Ultimate charge from healing and damage received.

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Hero passive abilities

  • Baptiste – hold crouch to charge up your boots to make you jump higher.
  • Brigitte – dealing damage to enemies slowly heals you and your teammates.
  • D.Va – ejects out of her mech when it is destroyed.
  • Doomfist – gains temporary health when dealing damage with abilities.
  • Echo – can glide while falling when holding jump.
  • Genji – can climb up walls and double jump.
  • Hanzo – can climb walls.
  • Junker Queen – slightly restores health by wounding enemies, wounds deal damage over time and are dealt with her knife, Gracie, Carnage ability, or Ultimate.
  • Junkrat – deals no self-damage with explosives, and drops a cluster of bombs on death.
  • Lucio – can ride along walls with a small speed boost.
  • Mercy – regains health quicker than other Supports, gently falls through the air when holding jump.
  • Pharah – hold jump to hover.
  • Reaper – dealing damage to enemies heals you.
  • Sombra – can see enemies in critical health behind walls, deals 40% more damage to hacked enemies.
  • Zarya – damage blocked with her barriers increases her weapon’s damage.
  • Zenyatta – melee damage increased and has significant knockback.