All playable characters in Weird West

How big is your posse, partner?

Image via Wolfeye Studios

Weird West features cowboys, creatures, and cults, and you might be wondering how much of that is under your control. In a poetic sense, none — the game is full of choices with unrelenting consequences. To actually answer the question, there is a set number of playable characters you control throughout your journey.

There are five of those journeys, the term for the game’s chapters, in fact. Each one puts you in control of a different protagonist. The bounty hunter is looking for her missing husband, the Pigman is trying to learn his true identity, the Native American is hunting an evil spirit, the werewolf is trying to grow his clan, and the Oneirist witch is trying to prevent the end of the world. Each successive journey raises the stakes, and the decisions you make in one will carry over their consequences to subsequent chapters. This is also why you can’t replay journeys or play the game in multiplayer.

So there are five playable characters in Weird West, each of which is the hero of one of the chapters. While you only control those five, you can have other characters at your side. Mercenaries can be hired to your posse, and when you reach later chapters, you can actually revisit previous protagonists and recruit them to your team free of charge. While five might be the playable number, your potential party member list runs much longer.