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All potions and their ingredients in Hogwarts Legacy

Gain up to seven unique abilities from these trusty potions.

When all of your powerful spells are on a cooldown in Hogwarts Legacy, there are no better items to use in battle than potions. For one, these can provide additional health in tight situations, but some can even temporarily boost your player’s stats and reduce spell cooldowns. However, potions are not always easily accessible, as you will likely find yourself having to craft them with their ingredients. Here is every unlockable potion and what you need to make them in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy potion crafting guide | Ingredients and how to craft

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Firstly, potions cannot be made until you have attended your first Potions Class at Hogwarts and unlocked the ability to use Potions Stations. You will then be able to craft Edurus and Wiggenweld Potions with their respective ingredients. Additionally, there are five other different types of potions that can be brewed, but their recipes must first be bought from J. Pippin’s Potions store in Hogsmeade. You can find every potion, their use, and each ingredient needed to make them below.

What each potion does and how to craft them in Hogwarts Legacy

Edurus PotionEnhances the drinker’s defense by covering them with a durable rocky skin• One Ashwinger Egg
• One Mongrel Fur
Felix FelicisReveals the locations of large loot chests on the mini-map for one in-game day• One Lacewing Flies
• One Fluxweed Stem
Focus PotionTemporarily reduces the drinker’s spell cooldowns• One Lacewing Flies
• One Fluxweed Stem
• One Dugbog Tongue
Invisibility PotionMakes the drinker invisible for a short time• One Leaping Toadstool Caps
• One Troll Bogeys
• One Knotgross Sprig
Maxima PotionTemporarily increases the drinker’s spell damage• One Leech Juice
• One Spider Fang
ThunderbrewCreates a storm around the drinker that stuns and damages nearby enemies• One Stench of the Dead
• One Leech Juice
• One Shrivelfig Fruit
Wiggenweld PotionRestores a small amount of the drinker’s health• One Horklump Juice
• One Dittany Leaves

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If you are lucky, you can also discover these potions pre-made inside of chests lying all around the world — but this does not happen often. Instead, you can expect to wander open areas for a potion’s ingredients, while some resources, such as Dittany Leaves, can only be grown after attending classes like Herbology.

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