How to craft potions in Hogwarts Legacy

Temporarily boost stats and your health with the help of Potions Stations.

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From the attack of the Armored Troll to constant battles with knight statues, Hogwarts Legacy players will come to find that maintaining health is no easy task in the early stages of the game. Of course, the challenge becomes harder when considering that healing potions come few and far in-between. Luckily, there is a feature that grants ingredient hunters the power to brew a range of different potions. This guide will examine how potions can be made and what you will need before doing so in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to use ingredients and make potions in Hogwarts Legacy

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The ability to brew potions comes by way of a main story quest, as its tutorial will take place once you have attended your first Potions Class with Professor Sharp. During the class, the professor will introduce you to a Potions Station where you can first make Wiggenweld Potions and Edurus Potions. However, once the class is over, you are free to head back to the station at any time or use others out beyond Hogwarts to craft a variety of different potions.

A majority of the craft-able potions will be locked, though you can go to J. Pippin’s Potions store in Hogsmeade to purchase their recipes and ultimately craft them at stations. Aside from recipes, Potion Stations also require potions to be made with two or more ingredients. Most ingredients can be found out in the open world, but some like the Wiggenweld Potion’s Dittany Leaves need to be grown in The Library Annex’s Greenhouse location in Hogwarts.

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Potions are not just for healing either. Although Wiggenwelds can boost your health, others can lend you special abilities for a limited time. For instance, the Focus Potion can reduce the cooldowns of your spells, while the Maxima Potion can temporarily increase their damage stats. Those looking to become even stronger should look to improve their character’s own stats, such as their Offense and Defense, by leveling up and adding on high-rarity gear.