All pumpkin loot you can get in Escape from Tarkov’s Halloween event

Get your fix of candy with this sweet in-game loot drop.

Image via Battlestate Games

The survival-shooter Escape from Tarkov tends to hold events celebrating current holidays, and Halloween is no exception. During Halloween, multiple pumpkins will spawn on all of the maps. Players can expect a bevy of sweets from these special event containers, and the sweets themselves also hold unique buffs for the duration of the Halloween event. Here’s the full loot table for the Pumpkin with Sweets. It’s worth nothing that these pumpkins can only be opened outside of a raid, meaning players will have to successfully extract with these pumpkins in their inventory in order to open them in their stash. The pumpkin is listed in-game as Pumpkin with Sweets.

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Pumpkin with Sweets loot table for Escape from Tarkov

The following items all have an equal chance of dropping from a Pumpkin with Sweets loot container, after the container has been successfully extracted and placed within the stash. These loot containers spawn within other loot containers: search as you always have to eventually come across them. As always, watch out for exfil-campers trying to take your candy home themselves!

  • TarCola soda
  • Pineapple juice
  • Apple juice
  • Grand juice
  • Vita juice
  • Premium Kvass
  • RatCola soda
  • Condensed Milk
  • Package of sugar
  • Alyonka chocolate bar
  • Slickers bar

The Halloween event offers far more than candy, however. Tagilla has been loosed from the Factory and now spawns in all maps at an increased rate, guns jam far more frequently, and players will find themselves in darkness far more often. Also, there’s the issue of cultists spawning far more frequently with their poisoned knives, making the antidote a premium item for the duration of the raid.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, players can and will spawn into raids with various Halloween-themed debuffs, such as a constant energy drain. This makes finding candy, or carrying candy into raids, a second premium item as they all offer unique buffs along with sating the energy debuff for a period of time.