How to find Tagilla in Escape from Tarkov

Whether its an event or not, Tagilla is horrifying.

Image via Teale on YouTube

During the Halloween event in Escape from Tarkov, the boss Tagilla has a greatly increased spawn across all maps. During this event, Tagilla carries a massive scythe and has an increased health pool of 1,900. Further still, he tends to rile up the AI-controlled Scavs in the area as well, making this an altogether difficult boss to conquer. Bring a fast-firing weapon, and go for a leg burn: here’s how to find Tagilla in Escape from Tarkov.

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Normal spawn rate of Tagilla

Outside of events, Tagilla only spawns within Factory, where he’s a roaming boss. This is due to the much-smaller size of the Factory map, resulting in a boss that can simply end up in any stairwell or pushing through any door. He carries a massive hammer, and is rather fond of rushing panic-stricken survivors while swinging his hammer for massive amounts of damage. The only positive is that he holds a rather low and flat spawn chance of 15% on any given Factory raid.

Halloween spawn rates of Tagilla

During the Halloween event, Tagilla changes from a nightmare to the worst fever-dream of Tarkov. With a massive scythe and a nearly doubled health pool (from 1,220 to 1,900), Tagilla will now spawn on every map, at any time of day. Keep your head on a swivel as you explore these raids: Tagilla continues his penchant for charging survivors while swinging for the fences.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Note: these spawn rates are theorized to exponentially increase once the ‘Doomed’ counter in-game hits 666,666, along with a slew of other effects. If all of the lights in your map have turned off, expect a horde of Scavs and bosses to rush you.

  • Customs
    • 29% chance to spawn
    • If procced, will spawn within Dorms, Stronghold, or Old Gas
  • Interchange
    • 33% chance to spawn
    • Overlaps Killa spawns
  • Woods
    • 22% chance to spawn
    • Rig Rocks, Red House, and Scav Bunker
  • Factory
    • 30% chance to spawn (doubled)
    • anywhere
  • Lighthouse
    • 30% chance to spawn
    • Chalets, Lighthouse Island
  • Reserve
    • 33% chance to spawn
    • Overlaps Ghular spawns
  • Shoreline
    • 35% chance to spawn
    • East & West wings of Resort, Cottage
  • Labs
    • 33% chance to spawn
    • Floors 1 & 2

Tagilla is a difficult kill in the best of circumstances. During the Halloween event, it’s a brutal achievement for a very slick scythe drop. Listen closely, move slowly, and keep your head on a swivel.