All Rethramis Border Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark

The seed search is on.

Image via Smilegate RPG

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Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark are almost always hidden pretty well. Sometimes you’ll see them sitting out in the open, but that’s the rare exception. Finding all of them in an area requires searching meticulously, and more than a little luck. The Rethramis Border, with its dense shrubbery and dim lighting magnify the challenge even more. And while the majority of these are straightforward to grab once you find them, there are a couple that require some additional steps, which we’ll cover below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The three seeds that are off the edge of the map to the west of the Graveyard require finding the climbing location on the very edge of the map. As you approach this climbing spot there will most-likely be a few enemies roaming the area. You’ll have to defeat them all before the climbing spot will become available. When you climb to the top, head to the northwest corner of the area to find the seeds, two of which are near a bone pile, and one of which is in some shrubbery near a tree.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The seeds in the Regria Monastery are also a bit challenging to find. The only way to see them is to stand in a place where part of the monastery turns transparent. Make sure to get both of these seeds, because while the one nearest to the doorway is easy enough to see, the other one is only ever barely visible.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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