All returning weapon skins in the Monsters Within event for Apex Legends

These skins live to shoot another day.

Monsters Within returning weapon skins

Image via Respawn

The Monsters Within event brought 40 new cosmetics into Apex Legends, but of those 40, only four of them were weapon skins. That said, that doesn’t mean you can’t get some other excellent weapon skins during the event. Thanks to a plethora of Special Offer bundles under the event tab, you can pick up 10 returning skins from past Apex Legends Halloween events, aka, Fight or Fright 2019 and Fight or Fright 2020. Let’s take a look at all of the returning weapon skins for the Monsters Within event.

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Returning weapon Skins

The four returning skins: Witchcraft, Wild Ride, Ghoulish Garden, and Shadow Web, will be available for all three weeks. The remaining three will only be available until October 26. Three more weapon skins will become available on October 26, and last until November 2. All of these skins are part of bundles, and cannot be purchased separately.

Witchcraft (Legendary Triple Take skin)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Living Dead (Legendary Havoc skin)

Living Dead
Screenshot by Gamepur

Ghouls and Ghosts (Epic Peacekeeper skin)

Ghouls and Ghosts
Screenshot by Gamepur

Arachnid Assault (Epic G7 Scout skin)

Arachnid Assault
Screenshot by Gamepur

Wild Ride (Legendary Prowler skin)

Wild Ride
Screenshot by Gamepur

Ghoulish Garden (Epic Spitfire skin)

Ghoulish Garden
Screenshot by Gamepur

Shadow Web (Epic P2020 skin)

Shadow Web
Screenshot by Gamepur

Final week only weapon skins (coming October 26)

Final Week Special Offers
Image via Respawn
  • Pumpkin Parlor (Epic Longbow skin)
  • Hallow’s Eve (Epic Flatline skin)
  • Loud Mouth (Legendary Wingman skin)