All new weapon skins in the Monsters Within event for Apex Legends

These brand-new Legendary weapon skins have some killer designs.

Monsters Within Weapon skins

Images via Respawn

The Monsters Within event in Apex Legends is quite different from all of the events we have seen before. While it has many qualities with the Thrillseekers event from earlier this year, it is a three-week event with a similar structure; it is still full of cosmetics in a way one of these events never has before. Monsters Within added 40 new cosmetics to the game, and all of them are permanently craftable year-round and are available in Apex packs and Monsters Within Packs.

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Monsters Within weapon skins

While there are a ton of cosmetics in the Monsters Within event, not a lot of them are weapon skins. None of these skins are from Prize Trackers. There are more returning weapon skins in the bundles on the Special Offers page; there are only four brand-new weapon skins for the event itself. Luckily, they are all Legendary and look very nice. Each one matches a Legend’s Legendary event skin.

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Cardiac Assault (Legendary Hemlok skin)

Cardiac Assault
Screenshot by Gamepur

Copper Claw (Epic Spitfire skin)

Exposed Wiring
Screenshot by Gamepur

Excavator (Legendary R-99 skin)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Exposed Wiring (Legendary R-301 Carbine skin)

Exposed Wiring
Screenshot by Gamepur