All rewards for Warframe’s 10th year anniversary and how to get them

Celebrate Warframe with multiple rewards leading up to the main event: TennoCon 2023.

Image via Digital Extremes

Warframe is celebrating 10 years with its fans, giving you the opportunity to earn multiple rewards throughout the event. These rewards will be available for a limited time, so you want to jump into the game as quickly as possible to earn them. In addition, there will be several rewards rolling out as we get closer to the main event for Warframe fans: TennoCon 2023, happening on August 26. Here’s what you need to know about all the rewards available during Warframe’s 10th anniversary and how to get them.

How to get all Warframe’s 10th-anniversary rewards

All of the rewards for the 10th-anniversary event will be broken up into two-week intervals, giving everyone ample time to earn these rewards. There will be weekly in-game Alerts that you can respond to that give you these rewards. However, the next series will come out after the two-week interval, which means you missed the previous rewards.

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You can earn these rewards for participating in Warframe’s 10th-anniversary event. Several unique rewards will come out as the development team at Digital Extremes get closer to TennoCon 2023.

Week 1 – March 22 to April 7

Alert 1

  • Excalibur Dex Noggle
  • Smoking Body Ephemera

Alert 2

  • Excalibur Dex skin
  • Aura Forma

Weekend booster

  • Double Affinity Weekend from March 24 to March 27

Week 2 – April 7 to April 21

Alert 1

  • Dex Sybaris

Alert 2

  • Liset Dex skin

Weekend Booster

  • Double Credits Weekend from April 7 to April 10

Week 3 – April 21 to May 5

Alert 1

  • Dex Furis

Alert 2

  • Dex Raksaka Armor

Alert 3

  • Excalibur Dex Glyph

Weekend Booster

  • Double Credits Weekend from April 21 to April 24

We will be updating this article for every upcoming reward list. The new rewards will appear at 11 AM ET, with the fourth wave arriving on May 5.