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All rewards in the Joint Fire event pass in Halo Infinite, and how to get them

Silent, but deadly.

Halo Infinite’s latest free event, Joint Fire, is available now, giving players a chance to earn various cosmetics through in-game means. There are a group of new rewards that you can add to your library and put on your Spartan at any time. Here are all of the rewards and how to get your hands on them.

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All rewards in Halo Infinite’s Joint Fire event

The Joint Fire event in Halo Infinite has ten total rewards that you can unlock on a mini battle pass-like track. You don’t need to purchase anything to be able to get these items.

  • Level 1 – Squad Op Epic Backdrop
  • Level 2 – Bay Sunset Epic Visor
  • Level 3 – UA/Type JFO Rare Knee Pads
  • Level 4 – Util/TVAStar Diagnostic Rig Rare Chest
  • Level 5 – JFO Epic Helmet
  • Level 6 – Violet Crush Rare Armor Coating
  • Level 7 – Action Lime Epic Visor
  • Level 8 – SAP/JFO Epic Left Shoulder Pad
  • Level 9 – SAP/JFO Epic Right Shoulder Pad
  • Level 10 – HUL-I/XFTREC/Flamingo

How to unlock rewards in Halo Infinite’s Joint Fire event

To get any of the cosmetic rewards listed above, you will need to complete challenges connected to the limited-time event, Joint Ops. When looking at your Challenges page, you can tell which ones will give you experience toward Joint Fire by checking for an orange star on the left side of the challenge. Some of these simply ask you to win rounds, obtain a cumulative score, or complete matches of the new mode, but there are others that want you to get kills with specific weapons and gear.

None of the challenges are too hard to grind out or complete, so while it will take a bit of time to earn everything in Joint Fire, you won’t need tons of luck or skill.

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