Xbox-themed Oreos will unlock tasty new skins in Halo, Forza, and Sea of Thieves — if you live in certain countries

Earn some tasty treats while you enjoy a tasty treat.

Image via Xbox

In another food-related collaboration for the company, Xbox has partnered with Oreo cookies to give European players a chance to earn exclusive in-game treats for its first-party titles. Xbox revealed the team-up via a blog post today and has given some details on how the promotion will work.

Players who fancy picking up a few snacks before their next gaming session will likely see some Xbox-themed packages of Oreo cookies during their next grocery run. These special edition packs will have various prints stamped onto each biscuit, including the iconic Xbox logo and the A, B, X, Y, and directional buttons found on the controller.

Once you open your package, players will need to see what symbols their cookies have and input the symbols in the correct combination, like old-fashioned cheat codes, on the Xbox Oreo website. Once participants redeem their code, they will earn some Xbox and Oreo-themed goodies for a selection of first-party Xbox titles. These in-game items include armor skins for Halo Infinite and vehicle and ships skins for Forza Horizon 5 and Sea of Thieves, respectively.

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In addition to in-game rewards, the blog post states that participants will be entered into a prize draw with the chance to win some even biggest prizes, including Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, Xbox consoles, custom Oreo-themed hardware, and a “holiday experience” for the family.

This isn’t a new strategy for Microsoft and Xbox, who have a history of working with brands to promote their consoles, including Rockstar energy drink, Mountain Dew, Krispy Kreme, and Doritos, with the latter collaboration even resulting in Xbox arcade games Doritos Crash Course 1 & 2.

This promotion will only take place in Europe, and the Special Editions packs are available to purchase now while stocks last. The Xbox Oreo website is now live, and participants will be able to input their codes and use the site from January 16, 2023.