All Savathun’s Eye locations on Mercury – Destiny 2

She is everywhere.

Destiny 2

To complete the Hive-God Optometrist Triumph in Destiny 2, you will need to track down and destroy all of Savathun’s Eyes. They are spread all over the place, so in this guide, we will help you find the ones on Mercury. You cannot destroy them just yet, and the assumption is you will need an Exotic Trace Rifle that will be coming to the game this season to do so.

Below, you will find maps that show the Eye’s location and a screenshot showing exactly where it is in that room. If you would prefer to follow a video, the below video will show you how to get to each Eye from the closest spawn point.

Pariah’s Refuge Lost Sector 1

Pariah's Refuge Map
Pariah's Refuge Eye 1

There are a total of four Eyes to be found in the Pariah’s Refuge Lost Sector. The first can be found in the first room, tucked into the roof near the wide Vex column.

Pariah’s Refuge Lost Sector 2

Pariah's Refuge Eye 2

In the second room of the Lost Sector, you will find the Eye tucked behind a pillar on the ground level.

Pariah’s Refuge Lost Sector 3 and 4

Pariah's Refuge 3 and 4

The final room in the Lost Sector that features the boss contains two eyes, tucked up near the ceiling on opposite sides of the room.

Public Event 1

Public Event 1
Public Event Eye 1

Kill the cyclops that opens up the left tower, the use the jump pad to get across. The eye is up at the ceiling on the left side.

Public Event 2

Public Event Map
Public Event Eye 2

Kill the Cyclops in the tower on the right, then destroy the diamonds that spawn in. This will cause platforms to spawn that allow you to get to the upper level where you can find the eye.

Left of the spawn point

Left of spawn point map
Left of spawn point eye

Run down the map to the left of the spawn point, and the eye is tucked in between a sphere and a broken wall.

Statue in the center

Center Map
Center Eye

One of the giant statues in the center of the map is holding an eye.

Right of the spawn point

Right of spawn point
Right of spawn point eye

Jump down from the spawn point and head right, you will find the eye nestled in some trees.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Map
The Lighthouse Eye

From the spawn point, head through the portal into the Lighthouse and you will find the Eye on the left at the end of the room.