All Savathun’s Eye Locations on Titan – Destiny 2

All the evil eyes on Titan.

Destiny 2

To complete the Hive-God Optometrist Triumph inĀ Destiny 2, you will need to track down and destroy all of Savathun’s Eyes. They are spread all over the place, so in this guide, we will help you find the ones on Titan. You cannot destroy them just yet, and the assumption is you will need an Exotic Trace Rifle that will be coming to the game this season to do so.

Below, you will find maps that show the Eye’s location and a screenshot showing exactly where it is in that room. If you would prefer to follow a video, the below video will show you how to get to each Eye from the closest spawn point.


Arboretum Map
Arboretum Eye

Spawn at the Rig, then head for the Solarium. When you reach the large room through the broken glass, go left past the Acolyte’s and Wizard, then through the door. Follow the hallway until the walls start to have plants growing on them, and the eye will be up and to your left.

Festering Halls

Festering Halls Map
Festering Halls Eye

Once again, spawn at the Rig then make your way to the Solarium. Head right this time, through the door, and follow the hallway all the way until you reach a large, open room that you need to jump down into. Jump down, then turn around and look up to find the Eye.

Siren’s Watch – Sloane’s Room

Siren's Watch A Map
Siren's Watch A Map

Spawn at Siren’s Watch and walk into Sloane’s room. Walk through to the next room and turn left to find the eye.

Siren’s Watch

Siren's Watch B Map
Siren's Watch B Eye

Spawn at Siren’s Watch and head pretty much straight across to where the two very tall buildings nearly meet. The Eye will be hover between the two buildings.

Sinking Docks

Sinking Docks Map
Sinking Docks Eye

Spawn at Siren’s Watch, then go all the way across the area to the tunnel that leads to the broken bridges and the Sinking Docks. Run all the way through the tunnels, then when you get to the huge window, the Eye will be above it.

Methane Flush Lost Sector

Methane Flush Map
Methane Flush Eye

Spawn at Siren’s Watch, then jump down to the left of the platform to get to the door to the Methane Flush Lost Sector. Head to the first room of the Lost Sector and clear it out, and you will find the Eye behind two large yellow pipes in the ceiling.

The Rig – Witches Ritual Room

The Rig A Map
The Rig A Eye

Spawn at the Rig, head straight for the room with the Witches Ritual directly in front of you. The Eye is floating at the top of the room.

DS Quarters 2 Lost Sector

DS Quarters 2 Map
DS Quarters 2 Eye

Go through the Witches Ritual room, then look for the small corridor at the back left of the room from where you enter. You can find the Eye down in the Lost Sector.

The Rig – before Cargo Bay 3

The Rig B Map
The Rig B Eye

Spawn at the Rig and make your way to the drop down to Cargo Bay 3. Before you head into the Lost Sector, you can find this Eye above the pipes if you continue along the outer wall.

Cargo Bay 3 Lost Sector

Cargo Bay 3 Map
Cargo Bay 3 Eye

From there, head down into the Cargo Bay 3 Lost Sector, the Eye is located above and to the left of the main entrance into the first big room.