All SCA.B scheme locations in Grounded

Find all the SCA.B schemes with our Grounded guide!

Grounded is all about creativity and letting you play with the tools in the game, including the color of your UI, also known as SCA.B. Finding different SCA.B schemes around the map can offer you different color schemes to choose from, and there are a good number of options for you, 23 in all. 

If you’re wondering how you could possibly find all 23 among everything else you can collect in the game, don’t worry: we’ve got all of them here for you:

#1 – Miterider

Location: Cave South-West Laser
Colors: Gold & Grey

Follow the tunnel all the way to the end to find the SCA.B sitting on the ground in front of some roots. Be sure to have a hammer to break down the Quartzite blocks in the way.

#2 – Flying-V

Location: On top of the Stone, near the Rake
Colors: Violet & Teal

Head on top of the rock that the Rake is leaning on, and the SCA.B will be there. It can be a little tough to see, so keep your camera looking down to spot it.

#3 – Lasercorp

Location: Near Paint Basket, South
Colors: Red & Faded Orange

Go to the side of the over-turned bucket with the handle, and in the middle of the white-ish logo, look up. The SCA.B will be floating in there air.

#4 – SCA.B v1.02

Location: Near House Wall, South
Colors: Green & Yellow

Near the bottom of the map will be a Bench you can go under. Find the slot with all the mushrooms growing, and the SCA.B will be in the back corner.

#5 – Girthscape

Location: Cave under Girth Head
Colors: Gold & Rusty Red-Orange

Find the giant action figurehead, and underneath it will be a cave with the SCA.B. But be careful, the cave is a sleeping spot for a pretty vicious spider.

#6 – Hyperblaster

Location: On top of East Laser
Colors: Pea-Green & Fuscia

This one is a little tricky to get as you have to climb to the top of the Laser, and the only way you can really do that is to craft a series of roofs up to the top. So you’ll have to carry plenty of Weed Stems, and Clover Leaves with you.

Once you get up there though, the SCA.B is yours.

#7 – Chubbs Series

Location: Rash Lake Underwater Cave
Colors: Dark Green-Blue & Blue

The cave is a little bit behind the statue of Rash and to the left. It’s very dark, so you probably will want to up the brightness on your screen for a moment to navigate the cave. You’ll eventually see the flashing, green light of the SCA.B.

#8 – Textbook

Location: Berry Tree
Colors: Gold & Light Blue

You’re going to have to wind your way through the Berry Tree to reach the Birdbath. When you get to the Birdbath, climb the leaf to the top part, and the SCA.B will be in one of the corners.

You can use the video below to help you navigate through the tree.

#9 – Hedgeberry

Location: Berry Tree
Colors: Yellow & Baby Blue

The next SCA.B is right by the last one. Simply jump up onto the fallen leaf, and the SCA.B will be sitting right there.

#10 – Supreme

Location: Berry Tree
Colors: Purple & Teal

This SCA.B has you climbing up to the frisbee stuck in the Berry Tree. That’s where you’ll find it.

Use the video below to help navigate your way through the tree.

#11 – SCA.B v2.11

Location: Berry Tree
Colors: Light Faded Brown & Gold

You’ll want to navigate up to the mini-office that is in the Berry Tree.

Use the video below to help you navigate there.

#12 – Punch-O

Location: On top of Tropicop Punch-O
Colors: Forest Green & Pink-Mauve

Much like the Hyperblaster, you’ll need to build a “staircase” of Roofs to get on top of the Tropicop Punch-.

The SCA.B will be waiting for you on top.

#13 – Gunmetal

Location: Underground Field Station Cave
Colors: Rusty-Yellow & Dark Gray

You’ll want to work your way into the cave with the underground Field Station. Once there, dive into the water nearby and swim to flooded lab equipment in the back to find the SCA.B sitting on a computer.

#14 – Neomauve

Location: Ant Hill Cave
Colors: Very Faded Tan & Mauve

You are going to have to find your way through the Ant Hill to find this SCA.B.

Use the video below to help you find the way to it.

#15 – SCA.B v3.09

Location: Under the Rocks Far West
Colors: Dark Teal & Light Teal

Climb up onto the rocks by the water, and you can find a little section to jump down into. The SCA.B will be there on a needle of some sort.

#16 – Sewage

Location: Underwater Cave Far West
Colors: Green & Yellow-Green

Swim into the grate near the Sprinkler, and you will eventually come to a little alcove where the SCA.B will be waiting.

#17 – Sad Stab

Location: Under Audiotape, West
Colors: Purple & Teal

You will find this SCA.B tucked under the Audiotape Cassette.

#18 – Hot Dog Horror

Location: In Can North of Oak Tree
Colors: Yellow & Red

Head into the empty can and find the SCA.B in the very back.

#19 – Panfish

Location: In Water North of Oak Tree
Colors: Copper & Steel Blue

Swim out to the root sticking out of the water to find this SCA.B.

#20 – Bugged

Location: Ants Cave in Oak Lab
Colors: Yellow & Grey-Black

Go into the Oak Tree Lab and jump out of the broken window. You’ll swim across some water and find a tunnel that you can follow to a ledge. Jump off the ledge and turn around to find the SCA.B. Beware of the ants in the area.

#21 – Aerobics

Location: Oak Tree Lantern
Colors: Faded Yellow & Faded Pink

You’ll have to build another Roof stairway to reach the top of the Lantern.

The SCA.B will be there.

#22 – Greystone

Location: On top of North Laser
Colors: Grey & Gray

Here is another Roof stairway that you’ll make to get to the top of the Laser.

The SCA.B is against one of the screws.

#23 – Cyberstrike

Location: Electrical outlet near Berry Tree

Climb the wires up to the outlet in the back corner of the area to find the last SCA.B.

There you go, with all these options, you are sure to find some color combination that suits you.

Grounded is available now on PC and Xbox One.