The 5 best base locations in Grounded

Home is where the yard is.

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Surviving a backyard’s various gigantic bugs and danger can be tricky if you don’t have a solid base to retreat to. Grounded is a solo or co-op survival game that takes place in a backyard packed full of dangerous critters. You can craft and build a base, weapons, and armor from resources and spare bug parts you collect. Knowing an excellent spot to build your base can make the difference between flourishing or floundering. This guide will show you the five best base locations in Grounded and how to find them. They will be ordered from the easiest locations to reach, to the most difficult.

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Where the best base locations are in Grounded

The best base locations in Grounded aren’t always in the prettiest places or the easiest to survive. Building a solid base is based on several factors. Factors such as relative distance to a steady supply of food and water or the materials you need to make a base properly. These locations will have a good mixture of these elements and place you in an excellent position to defend your ground when the horde comes to attack.

5. The Mystery Machine base location

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The Mystery Machine isn’t a hippy-fueled ghost-busting van in Grounded; it’s the first place of interest you find shortly after the game begins. This is also a solid place to build a base. It’s located in the center of the entire world and is an equal distance from all corners of the map. It also provides an abundance of starter-level creatures and resources to hunt down and begin building the base of your dreams. Just beware of Wolf spiders, as they will patrol this area during the evening hours.

4. The Sky base location

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As silly as the location seems, it is very viable and relatively straightforward to build a base very high in the air. It isn’t easy to reach materials while doing so, making the construction a chore, but your efforts will be well rewarded. If you build a base above the yard, you can only be attacked by flying enemies.

This will protect you from dangerous creatures, Wolf spiders, and Stink bugs. You must ensure to build proper support columns first. Once a sky base is made, it is also a great place to construct a network of ziplines that can take you to every corner of the yard without having to wade through the danger it possesses.

3. The Grill and Table base location

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Above the picnic bench on the western side of the map lies a trio of critical areas to explore. The upper rocks separating the lower and upper yard is a great, flat location to build a strong base. It’s on the cusp of the upper yard, so it offers you a chance to poke into that region and earn some rare resources before delving into the shed and beyond.

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You will also have access to the sandlot and picnic bench, which offer a bevy of strong armor and weapons to craft from the enemies populating these areas.

2. The Lily pad base location

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The Koi Pond is a dangerous part of the yard, but you must thoroughly explore its depths to complete the story and amass valuable resources and gear. The Lily pads on the surface are a great place to build a floating base. It is relatively far from basic building materials, but if you persist and can build it up, it’s a great fortress that can lead you to a shortcut into the upper yard if you build a tower and bridge over to it.

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Beware of falling into the depths below. A large Koi fish can instantly down you if you contact any part of its body. This location is on the eastern side of the map.

1. The JavaMatic base location

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The JavaMatic is a key story location for the entire Grounded story finale. It is high off the ground and provides a sturdy, flat place to build a base. It also is high up, which can help you create a zip-line network across the yard. The upper yard is chock full of dangerous enemies, which can be farmed to craft the best armor and weapons in the game.

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Use this coffee table as a forward operating base for your end game Grounded sessions. Since it’s positioned off the ground, base defenses are relatively easy to create as most enemies can’t access this area.

These base locations will help you maintain a steady supply of food, materials, and access to crucial story areas. Use these strongholds to make the backyard your new home away from home.