How to get Tier 3 tools in Grounded

Find the best tool for the job.

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Tier 3 tools are the highest class of tools you can obtain in Grounded. Tools are used to harvest valuable resources across the backyard playground you find yourself shrunk in. Grounded features a vast living ecosystem full of bugs, spiders, and everything in between that seemingly want to turn your characters into a snack. Tier 3 tools will let you build the weapons and armor capable of surviving any situation. This guide will explain how to get tier 3 tools in Grounded.

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How to get all tier 3 tools in Grounded

Tier 3 tools are the highest tier of usable items you can craft for yourself. These tools will break through any obstacle, and they can harvest the toughest materials in the yard. However, not all of these tools are built equally, as you need to acquire them in a specific order to take advantage of them.

The Termite Axe

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The Termite Axe is the first tier 3 tool you can earn in Grounded. To craft this tier 3 Axe, which can double as a chopping weapon, you must seek out termites. These critters are tough to deal with, but just a few of them will get you what you need. Tough Gunk will drop from any high-level creature in the upper yard near the shed. This location is also where you can find the termite home base. The red area, pictured below, is near the shed and will contain all the creatures you need to hunt.

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Feathers will spawn at random across the entire yard. Once you build this weapon, you can begin breaking down hardened resources that let you create high-tier weapons and armor.

Black Ox Hammer

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A hammer is a tool you’ll need to break down rocks, quartzite, and marble, amongst other resources. The Black Ox Hammer is the best hammer in the game, and nothing will stand in its way. You must hunt the formidable Black Ox beetles are tough foes to take down, but their parts will let you craft this tool.

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The Black Ox beetle and pupa hide are in the rectangle area pictured above. Bring these to your workbench to craft the best busting tool Grounded offers.

These tier 3 tools will allow you to break down and cut your way through any obstacle you find while exploring the vast open world in Grounded. Take advantage of them as soon as possible to give yourself a massive advantage against tough bosses.