The best weapons in Grounded

Insects play dirty.


When you’re smaller than an insect in Grounded, you want to use anything you can pick up to fight the horde of bugs you encounter. Some of them are pretty easy to take out, like grubs, mites, and weevils. But the larger insects, the spiders, horde of soldier ants, and stinkbugs are a different matter, and you need better weapons than the pebblet ax you first use. Here are some of the best weapons you can craft in Grounded, how to get them, and what resources they require.

Mint Mallet

The mint mallet is a great weapon that relies heavily on its stun score while not doing a huge amount of damage. After a few swings, you should hit the insect and see that they have small stars above their head, indicating they’re stunned for a few seconds. You can get in a few hits without worrying about them reacting, and with some decent armor, the mint mallet is excellent to take on some of the tougher foes in Grounded. To research it, you need to analyze mint chunks, and you need these resources to make it:

Larva Blade

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The larva blade is another useful weapon to have in your inventory when facing an army of insects. You can carry it one hand, and it’s a little bit quicker than a few other weapons. You can research it by analyzing an acid gland or a larva spike. Don’t expect it to destroy an insect in a few hits, but it’s fast, so it’s perfect for anyone who prefers a fast melee weapon. After analyzing it, here are the resources you need to craft it:

Ant Club

It’s the best weapon to have when you choose to take on spiders or stinkbugs, but the ant club is a great choice for those starting out in Grounded. You can find a rotten one by the marshes to the southeast part of the map, next to the birdbath. However, you can also craft it by analyzing ant parts or ant mandibles. It’s a two-handed weapon, and is a little slow, but has decent damage and stunning capabilities. You do have to take on soldier ants to craft it to collect their mandibles. Here are the resources you need to craft it:

Insect Bow

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For those who prefer to stay long-range and not have to be too close to the insects, the insect bow is a step up from the sprig bow you can make at the start of the game. It’s a great bow that allows you to plant yourself somewhere where a spider or stinkbug can’t reach you and pepper them with arrows. Taking them down with a bow can take a little bit, but it prevents you from taking any damage. You can learn how to craft it by analyzing a spider fang. Here are the resources you need to craft it:

Spider Fang Dagger

The spider fang dagger is similar to the larva blade. It’s a quicker blade that doesn’t do the most damage, but it’s quick to do multiple strikes against an insect before they can react. Plus, this weapon causes poison damage. You can choose to hit the insect a few times, run away, and then dive in for another series of hits before being hit. You need to analyze a spider fang or a spider’s venom to learn how to craft it. It requires these resources for you to craft it: