Which is the best character to choose in Grounded?

Which one should you pick?


Grounded is a survival game with a twist. Instead of being trapped on some horrible island with a bunch of cannibals, you are shrunken to a tiny size, trapped in your own yard with all manner of bugs and insects that with to eat you. You will need to track down resources, build weapons and tools, and construct a base to keep yourself safe.

The game can be played solo, or with your friends, and there are four different characters to choose from. If you are wondering which character is the best, then you don’t need to. All the characters are the same, with the same health, speed, and abilities. The only difference is how the skin looks, and the voice actor.

If you are trying to decide which character to play, it really just boils down to which one you prefer the look of. While you are playing the game, there is also a lot of dialogue as your character reacts to the things that happen around them, so you will also end up hearing their voice quite a lot. As such, the voice acting is a consideration, but all the characters we have played so far have had great voice work, so this isn’t really a concern either.

So, whether you pick Max, Willow, Pete, or Hoops, you will be able to do the same things as everyone else, and will not be locked out of any content or abilities.