All Ritual Weapons in Season of Dawn in Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn introduced three new Ritual Weapons. You earn Ritual Weapons by completing quests for specific NPCs. You will need to spend some time in Gambit, the Crucible, and Strikes if you want to get your hands on all three of these powerful weapons. To begin the questions, you can visit the relevant faction representatives in The Tower.

Below, you will find a list of the perks that each weapon has, and a linked guide covering the individual Ritual Weapon quests.

Vanguard Ritual Weapon Weapon – Buzzard Sidearm (Kinetic)

To earn the Buzzard Sidearm, go and visit Zavala in the Tower and accept the Anything That Moves quest. The Buzzard can have the following perks:

  • Vanguard Kinetic Sidearm
  • Adaptive Frame
  • Extended Barrel
  • Alloy Magazine
  • Outlaw/Fourth Time’s The Charm
  • Osmosis/Swashbuckler
  • Stability Masterwork

Osmosis is a new perk that allows the Buzzard to change the weapons damage type to match your Subclass. The effect will last until you holster the weapon.

Crucible Ritual Weapon – Komodo-4FR Linear Fusion Rifle (Solar)

To earn the Komodo-4FR Linear Fusion Rifle, visit Shaxx at the Tower and accept the Heart of the Dragon quest. The Komodo-4FR can have the following perks:

  • Precision Frame
  • Polygonal Rifling
  • Accelerated Coils
  • No distractions/Moving Target
  • Eye of The Storm/Box Breathing
  • Charge Time Masterwork

Gambit Ritual Weapon – Python Shotgun (Void)

To earn the Python Shotgun, visit The Drifter at the Tower Annex and accept the Heart of the Dragon quest. The Python will have the following perks:

  • Aggressive Frame
  • Smallbore
  • Extended Mag
  • Overflow/Feeding Frenzy
  • Shield Disorient/One-Two Punch
  • Reload Masterwork

The quests can take some time to finish, but the Ritual Weapons usually are some of the most potent Legendary weapons in the game, so it is time well spent.