All secret achievements and trophies in Cuphead and how to unlock them

What a swell day to unlock some secret achievements.

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For achievement and trophy hunters, secret achievements can be the bane of your existence. Sure, some games use them properly by hiding away story spoilers, but there are plenty of titles out there that have very random circumstances you need to meet to unlock them. Cuphead is not the worst offender with its secret achievements, but there are specific things you need to do to unlock them. Here are all of Cuphead’s secret achievements and trophies and how you can unlock them.

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All Cuphead secret achievements and trophies

There are a total of nine secret achievements/trophies in Cuphead. Seven of them are in the main game, with the final two being unlocked during the Delicious Last Course DLC. While most of the secret achievements reward you with Gamerscore, some of them will give zero points, which is quite disappointing. On the PlayStation side, you at least always get at a bronze trophy for your troubles.

Cuphead main game secret achievements

  • Bravo Zulu P-26 (0 Gamerscore/Silver Trophy)
    • Defeat a boss while in the plane while only using mini-bullets
  • Cutting Corners (10 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy)
    • Find a shortcut (on the overworld map)
  • High Roller (0 Gamerscore/Silver Trophy)
    • Get every coin in the game (all are located on the overworld map)
  • Pacifist (0 Gamerscore/Silver Trophy)
    • Complete all side-scrolling levels without defeating any enemies
  • Rolling Sixes (0 Gamerscore/Silver Trophy)
    • Defeat King Dice without taking a hit
  • Selling Out (0 Gamerscore/Bronze Trophy)
    • Agree to give the Devil the contracts before the fight with him
  • Swing You Sinner (70 Gamerscore/Silver Trophy)
    • Defeat the Devil (main story completion)

The Delicious Last Course DLC secret achievements