All SHD caches in Two Bridges in The Division 2

Prepare to fight plenty of Cleaners along the way

There are five different SHD caches for you to locate in The Division 2, in all of the new districts in the latest expansion, Warlords of New York. We’re going to cover the ones found in the Two Bridges area.


The first location is to the northeast of the safehouse, adjacent to Oliver St. Go to the alleyway in-between the two buildings, and you should find an open maintenance hole. Go up the ladder near the manhole, and then look at the building opposite the SHD cache. You should see a grapple you can shoot down, and then climb up. There’s a vent you can jump and climb across to obtain the first cache.

East Rooftop

The next cache is hidden behind a fence on a smaller rooftop. To reach it, go to Market St and then take a right at the Madison St. interaction. You should see a fenced-off area with a vent you can climb onto a building. At the top, you should see the SHD cached blocked by another chainlink fence. You need to look up to see a grapple you can shoot down, and then climb to the top. Go up the next building, take a left, go down, and continue going left until you jump down to where the SHD cache is to obtain it.


To the southeast of the safe house on Catherine St, there’s a school with a small ally base in it. Approach the allied base, and on the right should you should find a chainlink fence with a padlock blocking it. Shoot the padlock, go to the right, and then look up to shoot the grapple down to you. Go up the grapple, and you will find that SHD cache at the top.


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Close to the southwest portion of the Two Bridges map, there’s an area of docks. You want to go on the right side of the map in this area to locate a yellow tarp. Jump down and follow the path of yellow tarps to the small piece of debris hanging out in the middle of the water. By following the path, you should find the SHD cache there. You can’t approach it from the other angle, so make sure to stick close to the right side of the map.

Office Building

The last one is closer to the northwest portion of the Two Bridges map, close to where the middle settlement in New York is. The entrance to this building is on the Gold St. side, right before you reach Franklin St. On the west side of the ability, look for a door you can freely open. Proceed inside, and search for an elevator door you can force open. Proceed to the second floor where the final SHD cache is at, and it’s locked behind a set of electronically locked doors. Go to the room adjacent to it, and peek through to see an electrical box you can shoot, close to the SHD cache’s room roof. Fire at it, and then obtain the final cache.

You can locate all of the SHD caches in New York by finding them in Battery Park, the Civic Center, and the Financial District.