All Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune journal locations in Sea of Thieves

What do you do with a drunken puzzle-solver?

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Like in the other shrines in Sea of Thieves, you can’t get the all-important commendation until you collect all five journal entries in the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune. This multi-floor shrine has more than its fair share of platforming and plenty of puzzles to solve, so here is our handy guide on how to find all five journals.

Journal Entry 1: Your Beautiful World

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You’ll find this journal entry as soon as you enter the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune. Walk to the right of the pillar that dominates the first room until you see a pile of wood along the right side of the wall. The first journal is there.

Journal Entry 2: I’m Close, I Can Feel It

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Climb up the ladder to get to the next part of the room. Use the pulley system to bring the floating platform down so you can hop across the gap to the first anchor control. Before you do anything with the anchor, turn left and enter the room.

The second journal entry will be in this room, on the left side.

Journal 3: Love is Stronger than Hate

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Once you have gotten across the coral-covered mast, you will be attacked by enemies. After you’ve dispatched them, hug the left side of the wall. Just before the wooden bridge, you’ll spot the third journal on the floor.

Journal 4: I Have Failed You

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After you have cleared out the enemies on the middle floor of the shrine, search the north side of the room. The fourth journal will be on a shipwreck with plants all around it.

Journal 5: Do Not Give Up Hope

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You’ll need to do more puzzle solving to reach the fifth journal entry because it is at the top of the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune. Once you are at the top, you will spot a Sunken Merfolk statue along with the rest of the treasure trove. To the right of the statue is a ship’s hull that has the last journal on top of it.