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All soft caps for stats in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

You'll want to stop investing after hitting the soft caps.

Like most other RPGs, Wo Long: Fall Dynasty also lets you upgrade your character as you progress through the game. You get introduced to the upgrade system at the beginning, and you need to start investing your points in the right stats to make your character undefeatable. However, many players are currently wondering about the soft caps for stats in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Well, they exist, and we’ll tell you all about them.

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Wo Long: Fall Dynasty soft caps for stats

The character upgrade system in Wo Long: Fall Dynasty is based on Virtues. There are a total of five Virtues in the game, which include Wood, Fire, Earth, Water, and Metal. Each Virtue has a different soft cap, after which you should avoid investing any points in it. And for those wondering, the soft cap is basically the level after which investing in a specific Virtue is pointless, as the benefit you gain from it is minimal.

The soft cap of the Fire Virtue is divided into three levels. The first one is at level 15, the second is at 30, and the third is at 46. You won’t notice a major drop in gains until you hit level 30. On the other hand, the soft cap of the Wood Virtue is level 40, after which you can stop expecting it to increase your health and spirit defense significantly.

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Next, the soft cap of the Earth Virtue is at level 30. Before reaching the soft cap, your attack power increases by three points per level after you invest in this Virtue. But after you hit level 30, you only get two points. As for the Metal Virtue, its soft cap is at level 10, after which your spirit suitability increases only by three points per level, which is significantly lower than the eight points it increases before reaching the soft cap. Finally, we have the Water Virtue. This one is different from the rest of the Virtues, as there is no soft cap on it.

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