All stages in MultiVersus, and where they come from

Training stages are the bane of the multiverse.

Screenshot via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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MultiVersus is a fighting game with a blend of Warner Bros. franchises and original characters created by developer Player First Games. In addition to characters from multiple different brands, locations from these well-known franchises will also make an appearance. These are all the stages in MultiVersus and where they come from.

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The Batcave (from Batman)

Screenshot via Warner Bros. YouTube

The Batcave is a classic arena stage with many visual nods to Batman and his universe. There is the Batcomputer in the background with the Joker’s face on it. Bats are swarming on the left side of the stage, and his vehicles are laid out on both outer sections where the fight takes place. The musical score also evokes the classic Danny Elfman theme from the 80s Batman film. You’ll also be able to spot a T-Rex in the distant background, which is a nod to the classic comic series.

Scooby’s Haunted Mansion (from Scooby-Doo: Where Are You!)

Screenshot by Gamepur

This stage is inside a haunted mansion, with many references familiar to Shaggy and Velma. The paintings in the background reflect past villains in the show’s history, and the knights at the edges of the stage look like they’re taken right from the show itself.

The sculptures in the background move their heads to watch the battle, and if you look at the background, you’ll see some monsters in the classic hand-drawn art style moving from left to right. The arena floor is also comprised of traps that can lead to a quick demise.

Sky Arena (from Steven Universe)

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Sky Arena is a fitting stage for the hero team known as the Crystal Gems. This stage is a direct homage to Final Destination from the Smash Bros series, with two unique variants. The standard Sky Arena is a flat arena with no gimmicks from the stage itself. This stage is recommended for one-on-one bouts.

Sky Arena Platforms (from Steven Universe)

Screenshot by Gamepur

This variant is the classic platform fighter layout with three platforms. The central platform is raised higher than the others. An excellent stage for one-on-one fights in a competitive setting.

Trophy’s E.D.G.E. (from Player First Games)

Screenshot by Gamepur

This stage mixes a blend of items from the Multiversus roster. In the background, you’ll see a grand statue of Wonder Woman with a giant Acme box nearby. This stage features a completely flat surface with a pair of platforms on either side.

Trophy’s E.D.G.E. 2 (from Player First Games)

Screenshot by Gamepur

This alternative version of Trophy’s E.D.G.E features a gap that breaks up the central platform. A pair of small platforms move from left to right over the left and right sides of the stage at all times.

The Tree Fort (from Adventure Time)

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Tree Fort is a stage based on the cartoon series Adventure Time. It has trees that grow on the sides that players can bounce off when attacked. It acts as a bright and colorful stage that matches the energy of the wacky premise of MultiVersus.

The Tree Fort 1 vs 1 (from Adventure time)

Screenshot by Gamepur

This is a one-versus-one variant of the Tree Fort stage. This variant is a very small level, with two platforms on its left and ride side. This is a good stage for characters like Iron Giant and Superman as they have strong, close quarters fighting styles.

Training Room

Screenshot by Gamepur

The training stage is where the Lab will take you. This level resembles the classic grid style of stage design popularized in the Street Fighter series. This stage will never appear in online matches and can only be selected to practice or used for offline fights.