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All status effects in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena and what they do

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There is no shortage of status effects in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena. Between big impact healing moves to debilitating nerfs to your opponent, there are a lot of ways characters in this game can affect the tides of battle. That being said, the game does not do a great job of explaining what every effect does to the person they are affecting. Here are all the status effects in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena and what they do.

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All status effects and what they do in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena

Harmful effects in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena

Harmful effects in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena are denoted as red symbols above the affected character. A number will be associated with the symbol if it lasts multiple turns.

  • Black Spot – Davy Jones exclusive, deals damage to the affected character and flanking teammates when expired or removed
  • Blind – Increased chance for the affected character to miss their attacks
  • Boom – Thunder Mountain Boom exclusive, deals damage, reduces magic charge, and inflicts stun when expired
  • Break – Seven Dwarves exclusive, the affected character takes on additional damage and loses tenacity
  • Cape – Edna Mode exclusive, the affected character receives -10% for all stats per harmful effect they have on them until they take damage
  • Charm – The affected character will use their basic attack on a teammate
  • Continuous Damage – The affected character will take damage over time
  • Critical Chance Down – Less chance for the affected character to deal a critical hit
  • Dampened – The affected character cannot land a critical hit
  • Defense Down – The affected character takes more damage when hit
  • Delayed Damage – Jafar exclusive, the affected character takes damage after the effect expires
  • Enthrall – Maleficent exclusive, the affected character gains Haste and Offense Up and attacks a teammate; if cleansed, the cleanser takes damage and Silenced
  • Fear – The affected character cannot dodge or endure attacks or effects
  • Heal Block – The affected character cannot heal
  • Helpful Immunity – The affected character cannot gain helpful effects
  • Intimidate – The affected character cannot counterattack, assist, or gain speed meter
  • Mad – The affected character will use their next turn to basic attack an enemy or teammate
  • Offense Down – The affected character deals less damage
  • Poison – Flotsam and Jetsam raid exclusive, deals a percentage of your character’s health damage
  • Polymorph – The affected character transforms into something else
  • Shaken – Belle and The Beast exclusive, prevents the affected character from inflicting harmful effects
  • Shield Block – Prevents the affected character from gaining shields
  • Shocked – The affected character cannot dodge attacks or use abilities outside of their turn
  • Silence – The affected character can only use their basic attack
  • Sleep – The affected character can not use any abilities unless attacked
  • Slow – Decreases the speed of the affected character
  • Snare – Maleficent exclusive, the affected character takes damage when they go to attack
  • Stun – The affected character cannot use any abilities
  • Sweetened – The next time the affected character goes to deal damage, their target will heal 25% of the taken damage
  • Tenacity Down – The affected character is more susceptible to harmful effects
  • Vulnerable – The affected character will take a guaranteed critical hit the next time they take damage

Helpful Effects in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena

Helpful effects can be denoted as green, blue, or yellow symbols. Like harmful effects, they can be used over multiple turns.

  • Charged – Character gets more benefits as they become more charged
  • Continuous Healing – The affected character heals over time
  • Counterattack – When the affected character takes damage, they will use their basic attack on the attacker
  • Critical Chance Up – The affected character has a higher chance to deal a critical hit
  • Critical Immunity – The affected character cannot take critical damage
  • Critical Power Up – Critical hits deal even more damage
  • Curse – Tiana exclusive, gains haste and tenacity for each Curse stacked on her
  • Dead Man’s Chest – Davy Jones exclusive, revives him after a turn
  • Defense Up – Increased defensive stat
  • Empowered – The affected character gains increased stats and potentially other effects with certain abilities
  • Enchanted Rose – Belle and The Beast exclusive, restores five percent health, defense, and tenacity
  • Encore Note – Character revives when defeated and has health restored according to how many notes they have
  • Evasion – Character will dodge the next damaging attack
  • Eeyore’s Tail – Connects to teammates or Eeyore and applies health or Taunt, or can be attached to enemies to deal less damage
  • Fuel – Captain Lightyear exclusive, gains different kinds of fuel to get various buffs
  • Fury – Affected character will deal additional damage
  • Groove – Kuzco exclusive, transforms into human form when a llama or has additional defense and evasion in human form
  • Grow – Alice exclusive, gets more tenacity and Defense Up
  • Guaranteed Crit – Next attack will for sure be a critical hit
  • Harmful Immunity – The affected character is immune to harmful effects
  • Haste – The affected character has increased speed
  • Hyperspeed – Captain Lightyear exclusive, he gains an extra turn at the end of his initial turn
  • Invulnerable – The affected character cannot take damage or harmful effects
  • Life Drain – Recovers a little bit of health when the affected character does damage
  • Menacing – The affected character gains a slight offense buff and deals intimidate when they do damage
  • Offense Up – Deals extra damage
  • Patient – Baymax exclusive, the affected character recovers health each turn, increases defense, is immune to counterattacks and taunts, and Baymax will take some damage when they are attacked, cannot be purged
  • Powersurge – Powerline exclusive, the affected character deals more damage and causes Shocked on enemies
  • Protect – Enemies are forced to attack protected enemies and remove one stack upon attack
  • Pumpkin Shield – Jack Skellington exclusive, increases defense and provides shields if expires normally
  • Reflect – Part of the damage the affected character takes will be redirected back at the attacker
  • Score – Vanellope exclusive, gains a percentage chance to evade attacks for every ten stacks
  • Shrink – Alice exclusive, gains bonus Evasion and Stealth
  • Sleeping Death – Snow White exclusive, she takes damage that would be sent to multiple teammates and enters Stasis if defeated
  • Spirits – Elsa exclusive, she gains more offense and defense for each Spirit gained up to four
  • Stasis – Affected character cannot be attacked or use abilities
  • Stealth – If teammates are available, the affected character can not be targeted by attacks
  • Tactics – Any abilities that have a chance of occurrence are guaranteed to happen
  • Taunt – All enemies must attack the character who is taunting
  • Tenacity Up – The affected character is more resistant to harmful effects
  • Triton’s Boon – Ariel and King Triton exclusive, they deal more damage and inflict Slow
  • Tumbled Over – Winnie the Pooh exclusive, takes less damage
  • Undefeatable – The affected character cannot have their health go below one
  • Unstoppable – The affected character is immune to Charm, Silence, Sleep, and Stun

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