All Sunflower Island Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark

The sunflowers hide greater treasures.

Image by Smilegate RPG

Getting all the Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark requires a lot of work. There are more than 1000 in the game, scattered across nearly every area of the world. Many are hidden in hard-to-reach places and, potentially, secret spaces off the map. If you’re looking for the last few Mokoko Seeds on Sunflower Island in Lost Ark, here is where you need to go.

Lost Ark Mokoko Seed Locations – Sunflower Island

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are a total of three Mokoko Seeds on Sunflower Island. Thankfully, they’re not too badly hidden, so you should be able to pick them up with relative speed. The island is located to the East of Vern and Luterra and is covered in sunflowers, hence the name. The main reason to visit Sunflower Island is to collect rewards for the different Masterpieces you’ve collected in your travels, but there are still a few collectibles to find here, including the Mokoko Seeds.

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While beautiful, the flowers that cover most of the map can make it tough to spot the first Mokoko Seed in the middle of the field. If you’re struggling to see it, just head to the area marked at Point 1 on the above map. The first seed will be there, waiting for you to walk up to it and interact with it to collect the seed.

The next two are right next to each other in the area marked as Point 3 on the above map. However, to get there, you’ll need to play the Forest’s Minuet at the root gate at Point 2 to gain access to this area. Once you play the correct song here, the gate will open and you’ll be able to make your way down the map to collect the last two Mokoko Seeds on Sunflower Island.