All Superstar X-Factors in Madden 23 – Full list

Have an explosive performance with one of these powerful abilities.

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Whether you like them or not, there is no denying that X-Factors can be the determining element of a matchup in Madden 23. From Aaron Rodger’s Dot to Derrick Henry’s unstoppable Freight Train, these abilities are reserved for only the greatest of athletes in the game and can almost guarantee a touchdown or turnover in certain situations. Better yet, these powers can also be learned by Franchise prospects and your Face of the Franchise character. So, what does each do? Here’s a breakdown of every Superstar X-Factor and the players that hone them in Madden 23.

All Superstar X-Factors in Madden 23

Image via EA Sports

Before we jump in, it is crucial to note that X-Factors are broken up into offensive and defensive abilities. Thus, it is not possible to have a defensive player equip an offensive X-Factor like the halfback-centric Ankle Breaker ability, and vice versa. Additionally, these abilities can remain active for multiple plays unless the player using it gets shutdown by their opponent. You can find each Superstar X-Factor ability and the athletes that use them below.

Offensive X-Factor abilities

  • Ankle Breaker: High fakeout rate on skill moves following the catch
  • Bazooka: Max throwing distance increased by over 15 yards
  • Blitz Radar: Highlights extra blitzers
  • Dots: Grants perfect passing on any throw
  • Double Me: Win aggressive catches versus single coverage
  • First One Free: High fakeout rate on next juke, spin, or hurdle
  • Freight Train: Increased chance to break the next tackle attempt
  • Max Security: High security rate on possession catches
  • Pro Reads: Highlights the first open target and ignores pressure
  • RAC ‘Em Up: Wins RAC (run after catch) catches versus single coverage
  • Run & Gun: Grants perfect passing while on the run
  • Satellite: Wins RAC and possession catches versus single coverage
  • Truzz: Can’t fumble as a result of a tackle
  • Wrecking Ball: High success rate on trucks and stiff arms
  • YAC ‘Em Up: Increased chance to break the first post-catch

Defensive X-Factor abilities

  • Avalanche: Downhill hit-sticks force fumbles
  • Blitz: On field blockers have their resistance bars wiped
  • Bottleneck: Dominantly win man press attempts
  • Fearmonger: Chance to pressure the QB while engaged with a blocker
  • Momentum Shift: On field opponents have their zone progress wiped
  • Reinforcement: Higher chance to defeat run blocks and disrupt catches
  • Relentless: Rush moves no longer cost points
  • Run Stuffer: Block shedding is more effective versus run plays
  • Shutdown: Tighter coverage and more interceptions on contested catches
  • Unstoppable Force: Pass run wins lead to quicker block shedding
  • Zone Hawk: More interceptions in zone coverage

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All X-Factor players in Madden 23

  • Bengals QB Joe Burrow: Run & Gun
  • Bills WR Stefon Diggs: RAC ‘Em Up
  • Bills CB Tre’Davious White: Shutdown
  • Bills QB Josh Allen: Bazooka
  • Bills DE Von Miller: Fearmonger
  • Broncos QB Russell Wilson: Blitz Radar
  • Browns DE Myles Garrett: Unstoppable Force
  • Browns HB Nick Chubb: Wrecking Ball
  • Buccaneers QB Tom Brady: Pro Reads
  • Buccaneers LB Lavonte David: Run Stuffer
  • Buccaneers WR Mike Evans: Double Me
  • Chargers SS Derwin James Jr.: Reinforcement
  • Chargers ROLB Khalil Mack: Unstoppable Force
  • Chargers LOLB Joey Bosa: Unstoppable Force
  • Chargers WR Keenan Allen: Max Security
  • Chiefs TE Travis Kelce: Double Me
  • Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes: Bazooka
  • Chiefs DT Chris Jones: Momentum Shift
  • Colts HB Jonathan Taylor: Freight Train
  • Colts DT Deforest Buckner: Unstoppable Force
  • Colts LOLB Darius Leonard: Shutdown
  • Commanders DT Jonathan Allen: Momentum Shift
  • Commanders WR Terry McLaurin: Ankle Breaker
  • Cowboys QB Dak Prescott: Blitz Radar
  • Cowboys ROLB Micah Parsons: Unstoppable Force
  • Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill: RAC ‘Em Up
  • 49ers TE George Kittle: YAC ‘Em Up
  • 49ers DE Nick Bosa: Relentless
  • 49ers MLB Fred Warner: Zone Hawk
  • 49ers WR Deebo Samuel: YAC ‘Em Up
  • Packers QB Aaron Rodgers: Dots
  • Packers CB Jaire Alexander: Shutdown
  • Panthers HB Christian McCaffrey: Ankle Breaker
  • Raiders WR Davante Adams: Double Me
  • Raiders TE Darren Waller: YAC ‘Em Up
  • Raiders ROLB Chandler Jones: Fearmonger
  • Rams DE Aaron Donald: Blitz
  • Rams CB Jalen Ramsey: Bottleneck
  • Rams WR Cooper Kupp: RAC ‘Em Up
  • Rams MLB Bobby Wagner: Avalanche
  • Ravens QB Lamar Jackson: Truzz
  • Saints SS Tyrann Mathieu: Reinforcement
  • Saints DE Cameron Jordan: Unstoppable Force
  • Saints HB Alvin Kamara: Satellite
  • Seahawks WR D.K. Metcalf: Double Me
  • Steelers LOLB T.J. Watt: Unstoppable Force
  • Steelers DE Cameron Heyward: Fearmonger
  • Titans HB Derrick Henry: Freight Train
  • Vikings HB Dalvin Cook: First One Free
  • Vikings WR Justin Jefferson: Double Me

You will also discover these abilities pair well with M-Factors. M-Factors can be obtained by pulling off multiple big plays in a row, and you can find which M-Factors your team is currently using via the Momentum bar above the in-game scoreboard.