How to scout players in Madden 23

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With Madden 23 being a simulator above all else, you can expect each area of the gridiron title to require some strategy. This is especially true for Franchise mode’s scouting component. Unlike most past Madden titles, this feature does not automatically unlock details about incoming rookies. Instead, you’ll need to hire specific scouts in particular regions to ensure your team becomes a dynasty. Here’s how to scout and know who the best prospects are in Madden 23.

How to use scouts and evaluate prospects in Madden 23

At Week One, you will want to head into the Scouting menu to not only see the list of all incoming rookies but also your group of five scouts. Each scout holds a tier-level and a position of expertise, ultimately dictating how fast they can learn about certain players. Tier-One Scouts have a 5% efficient boost when scouting a player of their expertise, while Tier-Two has a 15% boost and Tier-Three has an outstanding 25% boost. Thus, your next step should be to look at the draft and ensure your scouts’ position expertises align with the top prospects and the other players you desire.

Picking scouts and regions

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If you’re in need of a scout with a different expertise, you can replace one of your scouts with another of the same tier in Scouting’s Region Breakdown tab. Additionally, every scout will only evaluate players in their given region, though you can change their region from this tab, as well. You should assign these scouts to regions where top players in their expertise are going to school. For instance, if the best QB prospect goes to school at Penn State, then you should send your QB-centric scout to the northeast region — as long as you believe you can pick high enough to get them in the draft.

Revealing attributes

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Once your scouting regions are established, you will begin to see attributes being revealed for prospects of your focused positions with each week that passes. You can click on each prospect listed to see your scout’s notes on them and their possible ratings. Although you won’t see exact ratings until you drafted them, a prospect’s Skills tab will lend grades for certain abilities. As shown above, scouting QB Bryce Young up to Week 10 tells us he has an “A” grade in Awareness, making it probable this attribute has a rating of 90 or above. You can expect to see each attribute to have a definitive grade once a prospect has been 100% scouted.

Mock Drafts and Draft Combine results

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As general as this information can be, you can gather the most intel from Mock Drafts and Draft Combine results. Mock Drafts will be revealed in the Franchise’s Home menu after a period of weeks, estimating where each prospect will land based on their revealed attributes. Meanwhile, Draft Combine results will be in a prospect’s profile shortly before the draft and detail how efficient they were during particular workouts.

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Both of these features are useful when comparing players of the same position. For example, as you might be deciding between two different running backs, you’ll want to see where each ranks in the Mock Draft and what their running times were in specific sprints. If the draft ends up being full of disappointments, it may be worth chasing after players already in the NFL. Luckily, the game is jam-packed with countless speedy quarterbacks and running backs.