All Takeovers in NBA 2K22 – Full list

Takeover a game.

Image via 2K Sports

Badges aren’t the only MyPlayer component that’s returning to NBA 2K22. Takeovers, which are special boosts should you play well both as an individual and a teammate, are back to 2K22. and this year, players will be able to choose from some returning ones, as well as some new abilities. So, which Takeovers will be in NBA 2K22 this year? Let’s take a look.

  • Ankebreaking Shots – Increases the likelihood of dropping defenders and making stepback and spin jumpers
  • Negative Impact – Reduces the impact of shot contests against pull-up, step-back, and spin shots
  • Limitless Range – Extends your shooting ability well beyond the three point line
  • Spot-Up Precision – Provides a significant boost to well times stationary jump shots
  • Team Ratings Boost – Gives a large boost to your teammates’ offensive abilities for a period of time
  • Team Takeover Boost – Boosts the progress of each of your teammates’ takeover meters when activated
  • Team Badge Boost – Increases the effectiveness of your teammates’ offensive badges for a period of time after passing them the ball
  • Extreme Clamps* – Stone walls ball handlers into more forced stops, pickups, and fumbles when bodying them up
  • Perimeter Badge Drop* – Drops the opposition’s offensive badges down a tier when getting near them on the perimeter
  • Enhanced Jumpshot Contests* – Provides a large boost to your shot contests against perimeter jump shots

Keep in mind a few things about Takeovers. For one, NBA 2K users can equip two: a primary and secondary. Primary takeover meters will fill up first. Once the first meter, you can either activate it, or attempt to fill up the secondary meter. Should you be able to fill up both, which might be tough given that you will need to play exceptionally well in order to avoid losing progress, both can be activated for a greater boost.

Also, be mindful that the last three badges on this list are locked, and need to be unlocked in order to be equipped.