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All Vampire Survivors weapon evolutions

It's like gambling, but there's a lot more undead.

In Vampire Survivors, players can only get so far on their wits and movement alone. While learning how to play Vampire Survivors is a solid step in the right direction, the roguelike title has a whole other layer that’s just a bit deeper: weapon evolution.

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Players can evolve their weapons with the proper set-up, allowing for an easier time in the mid-game and on. It should be noted that many find the game nigh-impossible to beat (meaning lasting for 30 minutes) without these evolutions, but players are ultimately beholden to RNG.

RNG and roguelikes go hand-in-hand, but figuring out which evolutions you want to chase for the map can help players set themselves up for success. When playing, keep in mind these evolutions: you’ll want to be aiming for at least one of them.

In order to evolve a weapon, the following criteria must be met:

  • Ten minutes must have expired within the map.
  • The core weapon and accessory must be maxed out.
  • A matching accessory must be held unless seeking the Union.
  • A chest must be opened after the three prior criteria have been met.

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All the evolutions in Vampire Survivor

There are currently 15 weapons that can be evolved, with three considered to be a ‘Union’ instead of an evolution, as it requires two or more weapons or items to evolve. Then, there are two gifts in the game. Gifts act as an additional weapon or passive item and won’t replace the weapon in your slot.


Weapon (Level 8)AccessoryResult
WhipHollow HeartBloody Tear

The Bloody Tear is a stronger whip that offers life-steal on hit, and a high critical hit chance. Add this to the standard whip, capable of hitting multiple enemies in a single blow, and the Bloody Tear becomes an end-game item that can keep players alive as long as they are plenty of enemies to hit.

Magic WandEmpty TomeHoly Wand

The Holy Wand takes the underwhelming Magic Wand and turns it into a near-constant stream of single-target damage. The lack of bullet penetration may deter some from this combination, but the Holy Wand excels in burning down elite enemies that otherwise can face tank your damage. Best paired with an AoE attack.

KnifeBracerThousand Edge

The Thousand Edge is a consistent stream of daggers that can obliterate any enemy in the path. While it holds the same disadvantage as the Holy Wand, Thousand Edge can be guided based on the direction the character is facing or the last direction the player faced. Again, it pairs well with an AoE attack to ensure that the player doesn’t become overwhelmed.

AxeCandelabradorDeath Spiral

The Death Spiral consistently revolves around the player while active, massacring anything unlucky enough to get into its path. If players can match this with Thousand Edge or Holy Wand, the match is as good as done. The problem, of course, comes from the limited inventory space available to survivors.

CrossCloverHeaven Sword

The Heaven Sword acts like the Cross’ big brother. With a boomerang arc, the Heaven Sword can penetrate an infinite number of enemies with the initial swing heading toward the closest enemy before rebounding to the other side of the player. It decimates crowds at a low level but is reliable throughout the entire map. Note that it’s difficult to aim at specific enemies, meaning players might want to plan on a backup weapon they can direct easier.

King BibleSpellbinderUnholy Vesper

An endless version of King Bible, Unholy Vesper creates a constant AoE damage centered on the player. Best used to deter enemies from making contact and wisely paired with a damage-dealing projectile such as Heaven Sword or Thousand Edge.

Fire WandSpinachHellfire

Hellfire takes the Fire Wand and makes it so it can pierce enemies. Expect long lines of death, perfect for clearing out hordes and doing significant damage to elites while they’re still surrounded by enemies. The only problem with Hellfire is that you can’t aim it, but for Vampire Survivors, that comes standard.

GarlicPummarolaSoul Eater

If you’re a fan of garlic for the early game, Soul Eater is absolutely something that should be a priority. It’s a stronger version of garlic that scales into the endgame and offers a near-constant influx of life steal. While it’s recharging the health of the heroes, it hits that much harder. Soul Eater and a Bloody Whip trivializes all but the most difficult encounters.

Santa WaterAttract OrbLa Borra

La Borra takes a rather weak item like Santa Water and turns it into something really powerful. Much like Santa Water, La Borra will rain down bottles of holy water from the sky that will break once they hit the ground, leaving puddles of water and blue flames in the area bottles broke in. In addition, these pools will slowly move toward the player and grow in size until they eventually disappear.

Lightning RingDuplicatorThunder Loop

Fans of Lightning Ring will want to pick up Thunder Loop. What makes this evolution differ from its base form is that it will create an orange ring that sparkles. It will linger and then strike again in that area. This weapon pairs very well with an item that can slow or freeze your enemies, such as Santa Water or Clock Lancet respectively, as you have a higher chance of hitting enemies twice with Thunder Loop.

Song of ManaSkull O’ManiacMannajja

Mannajja is arguably one of the hardest evolutions to get purely because of Skull O’Maniac. While Skull O’Maniac only has five levels of upgrades, each upgrade will give you a 10% curse. That curse increases enemy speed, health, quantity, and frequency by 10%. However, if you manage to survive the onslaught of buffed-up enemies, you’ll get Mannajja which will aid you in some regard. Mannajja will pulse a wave of sparkling particles and any enemies hit by them will be slowed permanently.

PentagramCrownGorgeous Moon

Gorgeous Moon is an interesting weapon as it has three phases, which are represented through the different moon phases that will appear on the screen. Its first phase, which is symbolized by a normal Gorgeous Moon, will generate experience. The second phase is Erasure, which is represented by a waxing crescent moon that will quickly shatter. In this phase, all enemies will be erased. In its third and final phase, which is named Vacuum and is represented by a waning crescent moon, will attract experience gems and coins to the player.

RunetracerArmorNo Future

Similar to how Runetracer works, No Future will fire lasers that will go in random directions and bounce around the screen. However, unlike its predecessor, No Futures’ laser has an infinite pierce and will explode upon each bounce or when you’re hit by an enemy.

Gatti AmariStone MaskVicious Hunger

Vicious Hunger summons giant eyeballs that roam across the screen and deal damage to enemies they come in contact with. Any enemies killed by Vicious Hunger will have a chance to turn into Gold Coins. This can be helpful if you’re trying to get Gold Coins so you can purchase powerups or buy items in the Moonglow stage.

Shadow PinionWingsValkyrie Turner

When moving, flames will spawn behind your character that will then move backward and deal damage to any enemies that walk into them. The spawn rate of these flames will depend on the character’s movement speed. So, the higher the movement speed you have, the faster the flames will respawn.

LaurelMetaglio LeftMetaglio RightCrimson Shroud

If you want to beat Death, you need to pick up Crimson Shroud. Requiring you to level all the items, Crimson Shroud will reduce all damage you receive to just 10. Bosses and even Death, who will normally kill you in a matter of seconds, will deal minuscule damage to you. If you have Soul Eater and Clock Lancet in your build, you’ll be unstoppable.

Clock LancetSilver RingGold RingInfinite Corridor

After fully upgrading all three items, you’ll get Infinite Corridor, a much more powerful version of Clock Lancet. In addition to shooting out a non-damaging freezing beam that will freeze enemies in place, the Infinite Corridor will be a giant blue circle that moves around the player that will eventually cut the health of every enemy on screen in half.

Bracelet evolves into Bi-Bracelet, which then turns into Tri-Bracelet

This evolution is interesting as it features two evolutions from a singular weapon. It also doesn’t need a passive item to evolve, either. Once Bracelet’s level is maxed out, it will turn into Bi-Bracelet. Then, once that weapon is fully leveled up, it will evolve into Tri-Bracelet.


Vento SacroBloody TearFuwalafuwaloo

The Fuwalafuwaloo requires you to unite Zi’Assunta Belpaese‘s starting weapon Vento Sacro and the evolved form of the whip, the Bloody Tear. After fully upgrading Vento Sacro, you’ll be able to get Fuwalafuwaloo. This weapon will fire continuous slashes horizontally from the player. Having a higher movement speed will make the slashes come out faster, so grabbing an accessory like the Wings would be great for this weapon.

Phiera Der TuphelloEight the SparrowTiragisúPhieraggi

Instead of needing the standard two items for this evolution, you’ll need to union and fully level up weapons Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight the Sparrow while also grabbing the accessory Tiragisú in order to get Phieraggi. This evolved weapon will shoot four lasers that will then rotate clockwise around your character. These lasers will retract when they aren’t fired.

PeachoneEbony WingsVandalier

Both Ebony Wings and Peachone need to be level 8 for the union to occur. The problem with this item is the end result needs to merit spending 16 upgrades for a resulting level 8 weapon, which it currently doesn’t. It offers massive AoE damage centered on the player, but those inventory slots and upgrades could arguably be spent on more and better evolutions.


Victory SwordTorrona’s BoxSole Solution

By getting the Victory Sword and Torrona’s Box to max level, you’ll be gifted Sole Solution. Sole Solution is where everything becomes intangible, including the character, for a short duration. It deals more damage the more enemies you kill and it has no cap to it.

CandyboxSuper Candybox II Turbo

While Candybox gives you a list of base weapons to choose from, getting the Super Candybox II Turbo will allow you to pick an advanced/evolved weapon. However, you cannot pick Crimson Shroud, Infinite Corridor, or Sole Solution.

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