All Veluza weaknesses in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

This fish has the crazy eyes.

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Veluza is one of the new fish Pokémon introduced in Scarlet and Violet. It’s an odd-looking Pokémon with large eyes and the power to move different parts of its body. You will spot them many times while swimming through the Paldea Region; if these fish spot you, they will charge toward you. Veluza is hard to avoid when coming across one in the wild, meaning you’ll probably fight against these Pokémon plenty of times if you want to swim anywhere in Scarlet and Violet. Although these Pokémon may look intimidating, they aren’t too difficult to defeat.

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What is Veluza weak against in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

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Veluza is the Jettison Pokémon found in Casseroya Lake and across the Western Paldean Sea. If a Veluza spots you from the waters, it will bolt at you like a jet. You can avoid them, but given the size of the Pokémon, they are hard to spot below the ocean.

Veluza is a Psychic and Water-type, and the worse thing about facing it is that wild Veluza will often use Water Pulse, which can inflict confusion on your Pokémon. Confusion is a status effect that makes a Pokémon hit itself in confusion. Pokémon with the Own Tempo ability are immune to confusion. Yet, only a select number of Pokémon have that ability. Veluza also tends to use Fillet Away, a move that halves their HP, but in return, their Attack, Special Attack, and Speed stats are raised by two stages.

Veluza only has a base stat of 478, which isn’t too high. Veluza excels with high Attack stats, so be careful against Veluza’s physical attacks like Psycho Cut and Aqua Cutter. You should send a Pokémon with high Defense stats to counteract Veluza’s physical strikes. Veluza is weak against Bug, Dark, Electric, Ghost, and Grass moves and resistant to Fighting, Fire, Ice, Psychic, Steel, and Water. Veluza’s physical Defense and Special Defense stats are pretty even, meaning you can strike Veluza with either physical or Special Attacks. The best moves to use against Veluza are Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, and Night Slash.