All weapon combinations in Vampire Survivors

Mix and match to create the ultimate weapon.

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Most roguelike games will let you upgrade your items or gear as you progress through levels or waves. Such is the case with Vampire Survivors as well, which lets you upgrade and progress your items while surviving successive waves of enemies. These combinations are not only more powerful but will also let you tailor the items to your preferred playstyle, which in turn will allow you to get further in the game.

Not all combinations are obvious right off the shelf, so you might need the help of a guide to know what combinations are possible. Our guide on all of the weapon combinations in Vampire Survivors will help you with that.

How to combine weapons in Vampire Survivors

To combine items in Vampire Survivors, you will need both a weapon and a passive item. This is called an Evolution of the weapon. To evolve weapons, you will first need to level them up to their maximum level, which varies from one to another. Then you will pick up the passive item you want to combine, which will hopefully spawn within the level. This step is fairly random, as is expected in a roguelike game. Once you possess both items, you will have to either survive after the 10-minute mark or defeat the level’s Boss. In either case, a Treasure Chest will spawn and instead of random loot, you will get the Evolved weapon which will replace the base version.

Besides Evolutions, there are also Unions. These are the combinations of two weapons. They operate in the same way, except that when you get the Union weapon from the Treasure Chest, you will have one empty weapon slot as a result of combining two weapons.

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All weapon combinations in Vampire Survivors


Base weaponPassive itemEvolution result
WhipHollow HeartBloody Tear
Magic WandEmpty TomeHoly Wand
KnifeBracerThousand Edge
AxeCandelabradorDeath Spiral
CrossCloverHeaven Sword
King BibleSpellbinderUnholy Vespers
Fire WandSpinachHellfire
GarlicPummarolaSoul Eater
Santa WaterAttractorbLa Borra
RunetracerArmorNO FUTURE
Lightning RingDuplicatorThunder Loop
PentagramCrownGorgeous Moon
Gatti AmariStone MaskVicious Hunger
Song of ManaSkull O’ManiacMannajja
Shadow PinionWingsValkyrie Turner
Clock LancetSilver Ring + Gold RingInfinite Corridor
LaurelMetaglio Left + Metaglio RightCrimson Shroud


WeaponWeaponPassive itemUnion result
Phiera Der TuphelloEight The SparrowTiragisúPhieraggi
PeachoneEbony WingsN/AVandalier
Vento SacroBloody TearN/AFuwalafuwaloo