The best powerups to get at Powerup Selection in Vampire Survivors

The powerups that make or break you in Vampire Survivors.

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Every time you play a game of Vampire Survivors, you will get gold after each run. This gold can go towards buying character enhancements at the Power Up section at the main screen. These powerups affect your entire character roster, both current and future, which means there’s no reason to delay purchasing these powerups.

Every time you play a game of Vampire Survivors, you will get gold after each run. This gold can go towards buying character enhancements at the Power Up section at the main screen. These powerups affect your current and future character roster, so there’s no reason to delay purchasing these powerups.

PowerUp Selection

Here is what each powerup can do for your characters:

  • Might: Deal +5% damage per rank (max +25%)
  • Armor: Reduces incoming damage by -1 damage per rank (max -3 damage)
  • Max Health: Gain +10% health per rank (max +30% health)
  • Recovery: Heal +0.1 HP per second per rank (max +0.5 per second)
  • Cooldown: Weapon cooldown decreases by 2.5% (max 5%)
  • Area: Increases area of attacks by 5% (max 10%)
  • Speed: Projectile movement speed goes up +10% (max +20%)
  • Duration: Weapons last on-screen +15% longer (max +30%)
  • Amount: Fires one additional projectile with your current amount
  • Move Speed: Grants +5% move speed (max +10%)
  • Magnet: Item pickup range +25% (max +50%)
  • Luck: Chance to get fourth choice on level-up +10% (max +30%)
  • Growth: +3% more experience (max +15%)
  • Greed: +10% more coins (max +50%)
  • Curse: Increase enemy speed, health, quantity, and frequency +10% (max +50%)
  • Revival: Revive once with 50% health, stacks with other similar effects
  • Omni: Increases Might, Projectile Speed, Duration, and Area by 2% per rank (max 10%)
  • Reroll: Allows you to reroll your level up choices twice per rank (max 10 rerolls)
  • Skip: Can skip level-up choices and get bonus exp instead twice per rank (max 10 skips)
  • Banish: Remove one item from all level up choices for the rest of the run (max 10 banishes)

Omni and Reroll will not be available by default, but they can be unlocked as you complete certain objectives. You will also unlock their ranks by completing more objectives, slowly getting more powerups and ranks over time.

While every powerup has its uses, these are the powerups that will make the most difference in your games.

1) Revival

You will often die as you learn the game, and you usually feel like you could have survived if you had a second chance. With Revival, you get one more chance to fight enemies again. Reviving is invaluable, especially on later levels where enemies are tough and unexpected damage sources can kill you.

2) Greed

Money is used for powerups and unlocking characters. By increasing the amount of money dropped from enemies and light sources, you can easily rack up a decent sum with every game. You can then put that hard-earned money to good use, buying the powerups you need and unlocking characters. With enough money, you can also upgrade individual character stats with an in-game merchant.

3) Growth

Experience helps you get stronger weapons and more powerful weapon combinations. If you fall behind in getting experience, the remaining time will be difficult for you. On the flip side, getting lots of experience quickly can trivialize enemy waves, allowing you to gain even more experience and recover if necessary. Getting Growth will ensure that you get the most experience possible per game, upgrading your characters as fast as possible.

4) Amount

Firing an extra projectile doesn’t sound like much, but it can make or break your early-mid game performance. Having an extra projectile for Axes, Knives, and the Lightning Ring can really make a difference when enemies start falling faster. This will also apply to more powerful weapons, such as Victory Sword or Bones, and you can never go wrong with more weaponry.

5) Move Speed

Getting out of dangerous situations is the number one rule of self-defense, and it’s true in Vampire Survivors. Being able to navigate out of dangerous situations and give yourself some distance is invaluable, and extra move speed helps with that. It’s one stat that never gets old, no matter how experienced you are.

6) Luck

Being able to choose from three weapon/item options per level-up is limiting. You don’t often get what you want and are sometimes forced to go with sub-optimal choices because you have no other choice. With four options to choose from, you increase the likelihood of getting the weapons/items you want. It might not seem like much at first, but when you get four options consistently, your weapon combinations are formed much faster than usual.

7) Banish

Rather than picking a sub-optimal weapon choice, Banish allows you to permanently remove a weapon/item from the level-up screen for the duration of the game. It can seem like a drastic move, but if you know a character won’t be using a certain weapon/item, banishing it can be a smart move. It increases the probability of other selections appearing, which is never a bad option.

8) Skip

If you really don’t want to banish any items, Skip allows you to forgo all three options for a small experience boost instead. While it might seem like a bad idea to forgo a weapon/item, it’s worse for your strategy if you have to pick something sub-optimal. Skipping is often a better choice than Banish, as it keeps selections in the game in case you change your mind.

9) Reroll

Sometimes you feel like the options you need could appear if you had the opportunity to get a new selection. Reroll allows you to refresh a set of options on a level up, allowing you to choose different options instead of the ones you just saw. While this doesn’t always work as intended (the game can repeatedly throw the same option at you), it can often be the difference between choosing a bad choice or making the most of a precious level up.

10) Omni

Omni is a powerup that affects many factors for the price of one. It can seem like it comes at a late time, but its effects are more useful than just dealing more damage. It improves your projectiles and general damage overall, adding on to the powerups that you may have already purchased. The added bonus is nothing to laugh at, especially in late-game, where powerful enemies need that extra boost to go down quickly.

These powerups will make a noticeable difference the moment you purchase them, but every powerup is going to be useful overall. But start with the first eight (then the next two after unlocking them) to see your performance improve drastically.