All Welcome Home ARG Characters, Listed

Meet the cast.

Image via Welcome Home ARG Puppet Game

Welcome Home ARG might be eerie and complicated, but it boasts an impressive cast of characters. Throughout their journey, players will encounter these characters that will help them solve various puzzles by giving clues. Although you don’t need to know about these characters to progress in the game, we’ve listed them below if you want to learn about them.

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Every character in Welcome Home ARG

All characters in Welcome Home ARG are listed below.

Barnaby B. Beagle

Image via Welcome Home ARG

If you are ever feeling low, it might be worth meeting Barnaby B. Beagle. The blue beagle is an aloof character that is best known for his humor and hilarious jokes.

Eddie Dear

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Although Eddie is clumsy and often forgets things, he is super intelligent and organized when it comes to his postman job. He is friendly and doesn’t shy away from lending help to those in need.

Frank Frankly

Image via Welcome Home ARG

Although Frank Frankly is best friends with Julie Joyful, he doesn’t share the personality traits. He is rather grumpy and constantly frowning.

Howdy Pillar

Image via Welcome Home ARG

The businessman of the place, Howdy Pillar, is the resident shopkeeper.

Julie Joyful

Image via Welcome Home ARG

Julie Joyful’s upbeat and cheerful demeanor makes her one of the best characters to be around. She is known as the “rainbow monster” and has candy horns that add to the aesthetics.

Poppy Partridge

Image via Welcome Home ARG

Poppy Partridge is the resident chicken that is originally from the forest. The curiosity to explore led her to leave the forest and settle into the empty barn in her current home.

Sally Starlet

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Sally Starlet is popular amongst the local folks as she is the star of the place. It is said that she was one of the literal stars in the sky but eventually fell and landed here.

Wally Darling

Image via Welcome Home ARG

Wally Darling is an enigmatic painter that is the face of the game. He is the friendliest neighbor around and always sports a smile on his face. One quirky feature about him is that he is the only character in the game without a nose.