Amnesia: The Bunker – How to Deal With Rats

In Amnesia: The Bunker, the second most-persistent threat that players will face isn’t fear, it’s rats in unknowable numbers in the dark.


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The primary antagonist of Amnesia: The Bunker is The Beast, the monster hunting players from behind the walls. However, there’s a secondary, much more common threat that players will face almost every time they explore the bunker in an attempt to flee. Rats. These creatures are everywhere, and they can deal a lot of damage if players aren’t careful, which is why we’ve put together this guide on every way players can deal with rats in the game.

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How to Deal With Rats in Amnesia: The Bunker

Below, we’ve outlined all the ways in which players can deal with or kill rats in Amnesia: The Bunker. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks, so players should judge wisely which ones they use in a pinch.

Shine Torches on the Rats

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Players can use two torches to scare rats away from the bodies they’re hanging out eating in Amnesia: The Bunker. The first is the wind-up torch that players get in the Administration Room. This torch is noisy and will draw out The Beast if players use it too often, but it will effectively remove rats while shining. The second torch players can use is one crafted using a stick and cloth. It requires the Lighter item so Henri can set it on fire, but once lit, it can scare away rats when players wave it at groups of them. This type of torch is silent and won’t alert The Beast, but it has a finite life and will be dropped once used up. It’s worth using it only when necessary to preserve it for the rest of a playthrough.

Shoot the Rats or Blow Them up

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The easiest way to deal with rats in Amnesia: The Bunker is to kill them. Players will get a revolver early on, so they can just shoot each rat individually if they have the ammunition. Players can also throw grenades at rats to kill them. However, every shot and explosion is likely to draw the attention of The Beast, which could lead to the player’s death. It’s not the most sensible decision, but a guaranteed way to get rid of rats when they’re in the way.

Use Gas Grenades to Kill or Scare the Rats

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As players explore in Amnesia: The Bunker, they’ll come across gas grenades. These items are useful for creating a smokescreen to hide in, but they can also temporarily remove rats from a location. Gas grenades are quiet and cover a large area, meaning it’s easy to clear out loads of rats at once and sneak through a tunnel or path undetected by The Beast. The only drawback is that players will need the Gas Mask in order to move through the smoke without taking damage, and this item can appear in various locations. We found it in a locker in Mission Storage, but it could be an endgame item if the randomization mechanic changes it to appear in the Roman Tunnels.

Scare Rat With a Flare

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Players can find Flares while they explore in Amnesia: The Bunker. These items are quiet, like the gas grenades, and produce enough light that they’ll scare away any rats in the area. However, The Beast will be drawn to them. It won’t always appear as they go off, but it often shows up once the Flare goes out. Players using them should find a hiding place fast.

Get The Beast to Kill the Rats

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The Beast will rampage through any area it hears a loud sound in Amnesia: The Bunker. This usually leads to the player’s death but can work against rats in specific locations. We found that setting off a Flare, grenade, or taking a shot with the revolver to bait The Beast into a location with rats meant it killed all of them before leaving. This left paths open for us to move through without needing to use up precious resources.

How to Stop Rats Appearing in Amnesia: The Bunker

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Rats will start appearing very early in a playthrough of Amnesia: The Bunker. They’re drawn to blood, so they’ll gather around dead bodies everywhere in the bunker. Players can deal with this by pouring fuel on the bodies and using the Lighter to burn them. This is a waste of fuel, but it’ll clear paths permanently. It’s much easier to do once players find the Fuel Storage room, but even that can be a dangerous trip. Rats will also be drawn to Henri if players don’t heal him when he’s injured. We experienced this first-hand when two rats followed us back to the Administration Room, waiting outside for us to leave again. To avoid this happening, heal Henri every time he takes damage. Using the healing items is better than having a big stash of them in the safe zone.