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Amnesia: The Bunker – Complete Story Walkthrough, Code & Item Guide

Almost everything changes with each new playthrough of Amnesia: The Bunker, but the main story still follows a set path.

Every single playthrough of Amnesia: The Bunker is different. Developer Frictional Games has ensured that codes and items move or switch around each time someone starts a new game, making it impossible to provide a list of codes for lockers or an exact list of items to collect.

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However, there are key items that are always in the same location and story beats that players must work through regardless of codes and item placement. That’s why we’ve put together this story walkthrough guide to help players understand where to go next and how to find all the items they need.

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Spoilers ahead for Amnesia: The Bunker’s main story. Any player that wants to discover everything themselves first should do so before reading on below.


Amnesia: The Bunker Story Walkthrough

Players will have to follow a specific path though Amnesia: The Bunker, but the way they do that changes each time. Below, we’ve outlined every step of the story that players must work through without being too specific because of the randomized nature of this game.

Step 1: Find the Administration Room

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After the first two tutorial scenes, Henri wakes up in the bunker. From here, players need to explore and make their way to the Administration Room, the main hub for the rest of the story in Amnesia: The Bunker. Leave the room Henri awakens in, and explore until a soldier can be heard shouting.

Follow the voice until the soldier begins to speak to Henri. When he does, he’ll give Henri and gun and tell him where to find bullets. Don’t worry about using them. The soldier will be dead before the gun’s even loaded because The Beast will take him, shattering the boxes around him.

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Pick up the concrete block left behind in the debris where the soldier was sitting and use it to smash the padlock on the nearby door. The path beyond the door leads to the Administration Room, where players can catch their breath and learn about the generator mechanic that powers the lights.

Step 2: Where to Find a New Wheel

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When Amnesia: The Bunker players are ready, they should leave the Administration Room and head for the only thing that will open the path to the other major areas in the bunker, a red wheel opposite the Mission Storage room. Unfortunately, it breaks upon turning it, leaving players hopelessly lost. The only way to lift the lockdown grates in front of the paths is to find a new wheel.

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The new wheel is inside the Mission Storage room, which players can get into through the broken grate to the right-hand side of the door. However, the wheel is inside the locker of a random soldier, and the code is random for every playthrough. It’s worth finding the name on the locker now because it’ll help players track down the correct door in the next section.

With the name in hand, players next need to visit the Officer Quarters in Amnesia: The Bunker. The room of the officer with the wheel in their locker will be locked from the outside, but there’s a sneaky way in through the room to the left. Move the debris in the corner, peel away the wood to enter the officer’s room, and take their dog tag, which has their locker code on.

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Head back to Mission Storage, use the code to open the locker, and then use the wheel where the last one broke to plug it in and lift the lockdown to all other areas of the bunker.

Step 3: How to Get the Arsenal Code

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Now that the lockdown has been lifted, players get to enter the arsenal, but they can’t grab the explosives without am Amnesia: The Bunker code for the cell it’s kept in. This code can be found in the Communications Room in the Soldier Quarters area, but there are a few tasks players need to tick off before they can grab that code.

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First, they’ll need to find the key to the Communications Room. Find the door to the room and turn right towards Security. The Security Room is at the end of the corridor, but it’s locked. Players can duck into the room on the left as they approach the Security Room to find a concrete block to smash the door with.

They’ll need to hide as soon as they do because The Beast will hear the noise. Once it’s gone again, Amnesia: The Bunker players can enter the Security Room and open the medical box on the wall to find a note. This note tells players where the Communications Room key is.

The soldier that wrote this note, which is randomized, has kept the key in their bunk. Players need to find the bunk with that soldier’s name on it in one of the large rooms with bunks, then look under their pillow or helmet to find the key.

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The final piece of this puzzle is turning on the power in the Communications Room. Players must follow the wire to the left of the Communications Room’s door to locate the room where the switch for the power is.

To get into this room, Amnesia: The Bunker players will need to find a way around the rats by either burning the body on the floor, using a torch, or throwing a flare or gas grenade. We recommend a flare because it’s easy to walk past. The door to the room is locked with a padlock, so players have to shoot the padlock and hide to avoid being caught by The Beast.

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Finally, players can switch the power on and head up to the Communications Room. By turning on the radio, they’ll get the Arsenal Code and can finally get the explosives. This code is randomized, so there’s no way of guessing it or getting it from another player.

Step 4: How to Get the Explosives

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Once players have the Amnesia: The Bunker Arsenal Code, they can enter the Arsenal and explore it. The room layout changes with each playthrough, but the end goal remains the same. The explosives are kept in a large jail cell that players will need to walk or sneak to by following a path through the entire Arsenal location.

For us, there were rats blocking one route that we needed to dodge and traps close to the explosives. Just before getting to the explosives, we had to roll a red barrel over to some shelves, blow it up to open the way forward, and quickly hide from The Beast by sneaking across most of the room and hiding under a table. Of course, this might be just as difficult or easier for other players based on the item randomization.

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Once all barriers have been removed, players can finally enter the jail cell and pick up the explosives. The Beast can jump out once players pick this up, but it seems to vary from Amnesia: The Bunker playthrough to playthrough. It’s worth knowing where the nearest table is, just in case.

Step 5: How to Get the Wrench

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Players need to visit the Prison to get the plunger for the detonator and finally escape the bunker in Amnesia: The Bunker. However, once they arrive, it’s clear they’ll need the wrench before they can get the key item that’s here. The wrench is in the Maintenance location, accessed via Officer Quarters. There’s a dead body that will attract rats at the entrance to Maintenance, so it’s worth bringing something to get rid of them.

Once players enter the location, it quickly becomes a maze. The goal is to find and read notes to get the code for the locker of the soldier who had the wrench last. This is extremely random because the location of notes and items can change.

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In our playthrough of Amnesia: The Bunker, we found notes pointing us to a soldier who had entered a room called the Pillbox. To get there, we needed to find a key in the Chapel. As we grabbed the key, The Beast showed up to tear the room apart, so we had to hide.

Once the creature had left, we entered the Pillbox and found a dead soldier. Their dog tag had the code we needed to get the wrench. This journey might take others to different rooms on an alternate path, but the main beats will likely remain the same. Players need to find a code, but they’ll have to get a key by reading notes in order to find it.

Step 6: How to Get the Bolt Cutters

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With the wrench in hand, players can finally grab the bolt cutters. These are in the Prison location, stuck in a cell with a German soldier. Amnesia: The Bunker players need to break down the door next to the prison to access its storage area to get to them. The Beast might emerge at this point, so be careful. Inside the storage area is a vent that players can use the wrench on. Opening the vent gets them into the cell door control room.

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Players now need to open the cell door with the prisoner inside. We opened every cell door and hid under the nearby table. The Beast came out and killed the prisoner but left the bolt cutters. Once The Beast goes, players can grab the bolt cutters and make their way to the final location in the game.

Step 7: How to Get the Detonator Handle

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The detonator handle is in the Roman Tunnels, past the storage area in the arsenal. Amnesia: The Bunker Players need to head down to the arsenal and use the bolt cutters on the gate past the near-collapsed entrance to the tunnels to enter.

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This location is flooded, so players must turn on the generator at the entrance to the tunnels to drain the water. We turned this off after the water level dropped to avoid drawing in The Beast. From here, players need to follow the path down to the Roman Tunnels. There’s a save point halfway down, and the darkness recedes once players get to the Roman Tunnels because there’s mist and light.

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The Amnesia: The Bunker detonator plunger is in a room in the center of the Roman Tunnels, but this area can be incredibly dangerous. It will vary from player to player, but for us, there were silhouettes of enemies stalking every room in the mist.

Players drop into these rooms, and it’s worth dragging boxes to the ledge they drop down to make a stair for a quick exit in case The Beast shows up. The only real danger that can kill players here is a soldier that’s gone mad. For us, he had a shotgun, but he’ll die when shot in the head with the revolver. If players have no weapons, they’ll need to throw items to distract the soldier and sneak around him.

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After making their way to the middle of the Roman Tunnels, players can grab the detonator plunger and leave. It’s worth being as quiet as possible to avoid being detected by anything lurking in the mist. Once back in the Administration Room, save before arming and detonating the explosives is essential.

Major spoilers for the ending of Amnesia: The Bunker ahead.

Step 8: How to Kill The Beast

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With the plunger and explosives in hand, Amnesia: The Bunker players can blow up the exit to the bunker. However, all this does is blow a hole in the floor for Henri to fall down. Holding forward on the joystick will cause him to catch on the edge of the hole and avoid taking damage by splitting the drop. The path forward is linear and, to our knowledge, safe from The Beast.

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Once players emerge into the final arena of Amnesia: The Bunker, they’ll see a huge machine doing something sinister and flashing a light occasionally. There are paths everywhere ahead of them, and once they move forward, The Beast will appear from a small door at the opposite end of the arena.

The goal here is to kill The Beast. We tried to escape without killing it, and it’s much too difficult, potentially impossible. To kill The Beast, players need to bait it onto a wooden bridge and blow it up with a grenade or shoot it with the shotgun. This will destroy the bridge and cause The Beast to fall to its death.

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Henri can then run to the opposite end of the Amnesia: The Bunker arena and leave the bunker through the open path. However, leaving the bunker doesn’t mean he’s free of the horrors of war, as he quickly rediscovers when German soldiers blow their whistles and head his way.

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