Amnesia: The Bunker – Tips & Tricks for Survival and Puzzle-Solving

In Amnesia: The Bunker, players will come up against all sorts of challenges, but there are many solutions to every situation.


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The underground world players slip into in Amnesia: The Bunker is terrifying and foreboding. The last thing they want to do is leave the safety of the Administration Room and venture out in search of fuel or the tools they need to escape. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips and tricks to help anyone have an easier time while exploring, solving puzzles, or trying to reach an objective that doesn’t seem to want to be found.

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Tips & Tricks for Amnesia: The Bunker

Below, we’ve outlined the best tips and tricks we learned while playing Amnesia: The Bunker. We discovered Many of these ideas part-way through the game that we wished we’d known earlier, so new players should pay attention if they want to have an easier time under the ground.

Hoard as Much Fuel as Possible

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Exploring the bunker is much easier while the lights are on. As players progress, they should be pulling every switch to illuminate the corridors they’re heading down. However, this all uses up fuel, and there isn’t a constant supply of it to farm. Players need to prioritize picking up fuel cans and bringing them back to the Administration Room, storing them in the box there if they can’t put them anywhere else. While it’s difficult to judge which other items are best to carry around, we found that we could never go wrong dropping anything for a fuel can. It ensured we always had light when needed and kept The Beast at bay.

Use the Generator Sparingly

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It’s tempting to turn the generator on every time Henri leaves the Administration Room. This will quickly use up fuel though, so it’s better to consider what to do next and whether it requires fuel. For example, advancing the story in the next major area definitely requires the generator to be on so The Beast is quieter. However, making a trip to unlock a few lockers in the Mission Storage room nearby can be done in the dark in relative safety without using the generator at all.

Learn the Bunker’s Map

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Amnesia: The Bunker is difficult when players try to guess which direction to go. Maps in each major area are added to the main one in the Administration Room as players explore. Pay attention to and learn these maps to make navigating later as quick and easy as possible. When the lights go out, and The Beast is hunting Henri, knowing which way to go is essential for survival.

When in Doubt, Crouch

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There are so many moments in Amnesia: The Bunker that feel scary or like Henri is about to get eaten alive. We found that approaching any new area or location where we thought The Beast was hanging out felt more manageable when crouched. This is the quietest way to move through the bunker and cuts down on the noises Henri makes and players can hear, making it easier for them to listen out for rats or The Beast.

Hide From The Beast

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Whether it’s setting off a trap, picking up an item, or running down a corridor, every player is going to call The Beast out at some point. It can even emerge unprompted in the dark, guarding the corridor players want to explore. We noticed that The Beast follows a vague pattern though, doing the rounds before letting out a huge roar and moving to a new area. Every time the lights flicker, and The Beast emerges, players should hide under a table or around a corner and behind a door. Wait for that final roar before moving, or The Beast could come and kill Henri.

Avoid Rats Like the Plague

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Rats will block Henri’s path regularly in Amnesia: The Bunker, and they can cause him a lot of damage. It’s best to avoid them as much as possible and use items such as gas grenades, flares, and hunks of meat to get them out of the way. They’re attracted to dead bodies, so burning them can help keep the numbers down. We were followed back to the Administration Room by two because we didn’t heal Henri after an injury, and they tracked the blood. Keep away from rats, heal Henri with each injury, and the game will be much easier.