Animal Crossing: New Horizons May Day event guide

Let’s celebrate.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

May Day has arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and while it is a small event there is still some fun stuff to do, and you can get a nice item in the form of Rover’s Briefcase, and some Bell Tickets. Everyone loves free Bells, so in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about May Day. May Day will run from May 1 to May 7.

May Day Tickets

When you first log in, Isabelle will make an announcement about May Day, and tell you to go and visit Tom Nook to learn more. Visiting Tom will get you a May Day Ticket that Tom has left at the airport for you. The May Day Ticket needs to be used between May 1 and May 7, and will get you a trip to a new island with a maze on it. Just head to the airport to use the May Day Ticket.

The May Day Tour Maze

If you can solve the May Day Tour maze you will get to meet Rover, and get his briefcase, and some Bell Tickets. We have a full guide to help you through the maze, and if you do many mistakes you can reset the maze.

Rover’s Briefcase

If you make it through the maze you will meet Rover and will be able to get his briefcase after speaking with him. It is a nice decorative objective, and this is the only way to get it.

Can you repeat the maze?

At the moment, it would seem that you can only do the maze once, but we will know more tomorrow during the second day of the event.