Apex Legends Healing And Shields Guide | How Health And Shield Items Work

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a further addition to the list of Battle Royale present. In particular, this was achieved by EA Games and Respawn Entertainment and incorporates the mechanics seen in Titanfall. The gameplay includes Call of Duty’s Blackout mechanics seen in Black Ops 4, but with the presence of eight selectable characters that have special abilities (which we in our Apex Legends Best Characters Guide). A great feature is the ability to revive a dead teammate.

To avoid dying in battle, you will not only need guns, rifles, machine guns, and special abilities but also parts of health and shield. This is because weapons can be damaged and skills have a loading time that is not always fast.

Here is the guide to healing objects and shields and how much they can be useful to absorb damage and regenerate health.

All Health And Shield Items And How They Work In Apex Legends

Apex Legends – Healing Items

The healing objects present themselves most commonly and straightforwardly that you can imagine. Their function is to cure a little health, half health or the whole health, but also to repair a specific part of the armor or shield in your possession. The most important to find is absolutely the Ultimate Accelerant because with many of these you can activate an Ultimate ability in any game session.

The list is as follows:

Healing Items



Syringe Heals 25 health. 5 second use time This is the basic bandage style of healing that is quick but heals for little
Med Kit Heals 100 health. 8 second use time This is your standard big heal that restores all of your health
Phoenix Kit Heals 100 health and 100 shields. 10 second use time This is the rarest item (an epic rarity) because it allows you to restore your health and shield completely
Shield Cell Restores 25 shields. 3 second use time This gives a lower and slower level recharge of the shields. The peculiarity lies in the fact that slowly the shields can be completely recharged
Shield Battery Restores 100 shields. 5 second use time This will allow you to fully recharge the maximum shield capacity in your possession
Ultimate Accelerant Restores 20% Ultimate energy. 7 second use time This will boost your ultimate energy up and will allow you to use it quicker. Try to remember to use this when you have it; there’s no real reason to save it unless you already have your ultimate or are close to it

Apex Legends – Shield Items

Shields, as in any other game, also in Apex Legends reduce damage and provide more protective cells to absorb bullet damage. But as the rarity increases, naturally the shield defense also increases. The rarity goes from Common to Legendary, and here you are all the various effects also divided by type of shields. Once the shield loses its hit point, it can be recharged using a Shield Cell, Shield battery, and Phoenix kit.

Your character can have up to 100 shields. Each segment of the shield is 25 hit points and can be recharged with the Shield Cell one at a time. You can recover all 100 shields with a Phoenix Kit or a Shield Battery.

Shield Items






Body Shield Absorbs 50 damage Absorbs 75 damage Absorbs 100 damage Absorbs 100 Damage – Executioner – Finishers fully regenerate shield This is a normal bulletproof vest that allows you to reduce damage from ranged attacks and close together
Helmet Minor headshot damage reduction Moderate headshot damage reduction Maximum headshot damage reduction Fast Charge – Reduces Tactical & Ultimate recharge time Classic helmet to wear to prevent a sniper and cannot kill you without you being aware of it
Knockdown Shield 100 Damage 250 Damage 750 Damage 750 Damage – Resurrection – Can self-resurrect once. Ability consumed upon use This shield is used if you have had your health reduced to zero. You can expose your shield and direct towards the incoming fire to protect yourself and give your team a chance to defend you and eliminate the other team

This is all you need to know about Healing and Shield Items. Have fun and always be careful.