How to fix “Game version does not match host” error in Apex Legends

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Just about any time you have a lengthy update in Apex Legends, you can expect some errors to pop up. One in particular will say, “Join failed. Game version does not match host.” If you are running into this issue, there are various possible fixes that can get you playing again. Dealing with this issue can be quite aggravating, so here are some suggestions to fix the game version not matching the host in Apex Legends.

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What to do when you get the “Game version does not match host” error in Apex Legends

If Apex Legends is telling you that your game version does not match the host, you should start by backing out of the game and making sure you have fully updated the game. Make sure you are on the latest version. If you have recently updated the game, do a scan for corrupt files on your platform store of choice. Fully close out of the game during this time and try to play again.

If you are trying to join a friend, try inviting them to a party you are hosting. By this point, if it still isn’t working, you might consider fully restarting your system and starting from a fresh boot. Just to be safe, restart your internet router during this time too. Also, check the current server status. If there is an outage, you are likely stuck waiting for EA to fix it.

After you have done all of the above, you should have a pretty good idea of what is keeping you from playing Apex Legends with your friends. The most common problem here is likely a server issue, so you might be stuck waiting for the game to get working again, but you can get in contact with Apex Legends Support if you feel you need it.