Are Destiny 2 servers offline?

Uldren shot the servers.

Destiny 2

If you are trying to log on to Destiny 2, and wondering why you can’t, then you appear to have forgotten abou the massive 14 hour maintenance that will be taken place while Bungie ready the servers for Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

As such, you won’t be able to log on for quite a while, but when you do, you will be logging into a whole new world in Destiny 2. We have the full maintenance details below, but the short version is that the servers will be back in time for the weekly reset.

3:30 PM PST2330 UTCDestiny 2 background maintenance is scheduled to begin.This will prepare us for Update releasing on November 10.
4:00 PM PST0000 UTCIn preparation for downtime, players will be removed from activities and will be required to download a small update to log back in.Players who encounter issues should report them to the #Help forum.
6:50 PM PST0250 UTCSign-on for Destiny 2 will be disabled.
7:00 PM PST0300 UTCDestiny 2 will be brought offline for expected maintenance.Players will be removed from activities and won’t be able to log back into Destiny 2 until 9 AM PST on November 10.Destiny Game Integration features may be unavailable on Web, Mobile, and Third-Party Apps.

When the servers come back up, a whole lot will have changed in Destiny 2. A lot of the old content will have entered the Content Vault, and will be replaced by two new areas, Europa and the Cosmodrome. Well, the Cosmodrome isn’t new, but will be back in a more robust way, similar to Destiny 1.

There will also be a new season, a new campaign to play through, and lots of new things to do in the game. If you run into any issues, we will be trying to please the Traveller by producing as many high-quality, helpful guides as we can when the game goes live, so be sure to check back in whenever you need help.